Hyouka – 13

In the course of the first day of the Kanya Festival, Chitanda is able to get clearance to sell anthologies at other booths but must give the wall newspaper a good story to be included; Satoshi successfully advertises the Classics Club before narrowly losing the quiz show; Mayaka gets in a philosophical argument about manga with her senpai; and Oreki sells fourteen copies and trades a safety pin for a Glock 17-modelled water pistol.

The Clasics Club quartet is, for the most part, separated from one another this week; all in their own little corners of the Kanya Festival, trying to make things happen vis-a-vis getting all those anthologies sold off, while trying to have at least a little fun on the side. This reveals how everyones’ idea of fun differs. Oreki is naturally pefectly content to sit in the clubroom gathering dust. Chitanda takes her mission seriously, but of all the fifty or so clubs, she manages to visit and spend time with all of them. Satoshi wants to show off his skills, both as database and (next week) cook.

Finally, Mayaka just seems a bit uncomfortable in the manga society: clearly passionate about the material, but perhaps not so enamored of her clubmates. Her “debate” with her senpai Kouchi killed any chance of selling the anthology there, but was a nice character moment for her, and we hope it resolves itself later. This vary varied episode even includes a couple of mini-mysteries involving an artfully stolen tarot card and go pieces…though in our minds, the prevailing mystery of this arc is how in the heck they’re going to sell all those anthologies in the final two days. Can it be done?

Rating: 7 (Very Good)

P.S. What the hell kind of high school allows such life-like replicas of firearms to be allowed on school property?