Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? – 01


Koutarou Satomi, a high schooler living alone, moves into a cheap apartment to save his recently divorced dad some money. Little does he know his apartment is haunted, a source of magical power, the nexus of mole-person revenge and the arbitrary site where aliens will practice domination. Things look rough for our… hero… but fear not! he worked damn hard to find such a cheap apartment and isn’t going to give it up without a fight!

RnS has all the hallmarks of a slap-stick harem piece: 7 uniquely styled girl-archetypes each need to win his favor to fulfill a personal objective and none of them can live with anything short of total success. Well, except his landlord / love interest / class mate Kasagi Shizuka, who just wants things kept nice and tidy. She’ll probably get him in the end anyway…


As harem bits go, RnS is okay. While not visually remarkable, the art is survivable and each girl has enough charm and genre appeal to generate her own fans, I suppose. Likewise, Satomi is neither absurdly rejects their initial advances, nor does he hound dog go all ecchi on us either. His response to the madness is remarkably even keel, which I appreciate.

The humor is also fairly decent. The magic girl is a klutz and everyone assumes she’s just a cosplayer. The mole woman has gold and big boobs and a willingness to use both to get Satomi to relinquish the apartment. The alien’s grand entrance is poorly timed and ends up with her chest planted firmly in Satomi’s face. It’s cute, but all very safe and standard as harems go.


If RnS deserves any particular criticism, it’s that it plays it too safe. We’ve all seen a million harem pieces before and is this really that different from any of them? Is it better than Shuffle (which has sexier art), God Only Knows (which has a smarter setup) or Love Hina (which is funnier)?

Not really.

For now, it’s just a safe, chuckle-worthy watch. And my wife won’t let me drop it because she likes it too much!