Sket Dance – 29

In the first half, the Sket-dan assists Dante in the case of a stolen love spell. It turns out, it was mistakenly stolen by his crush, who thought it belonged to her crush. In the second half, Bossun is defeated by a ramen-eating challenge, but when Chiaki stops by the clubroom, they learn she is a champion eater due to her athletic activities. Using teen drama terms, Bossun motivates her to finish the last morsel of ramen – a boiled egg, which she hates. She wins the challenge but has to puke in the end.

As we continue with Sket Dance, it occurs to us that a show like this is not for everyone. It was an acquired taste for us (though we have definitely acquired it), but some might be turned off by the references, frequent breaking of the fourth wall, and everybody typically yelling at the top of their lungs. But all of that appeals to is. This season needs a lark – a frolic – something that’s all ludicrous comedy with no baggage. Although it’s proven it can do serious drama too, Sket Dance’s greatest strength is making us laugh out loud with consistency, through its rapid-fire pace and incredible energy.

This week marked a return to the two-stories-in-one format, and both stories were equally engaging and hilarious. Dante (Gackt) is always good for laughs, especially the way he irritates Bossun and Himeko while Switch calmly translates his sparse, cryptic words. We also love how everything was building up for two lovebirds to unite in harmony, but it turned out to be a misunderstanding. The second story, all about Captain’s amazing eating skills, simpler but no less funny, particularly how the melodramatic buildup almost reaches critical mass. Most admirably, the episode dusted off several characters who’d been on the shelf for some time and breathed new life into them. Well done all round.

Rating: 3.5