Weekly ED: Kamisama no Inai Ichiyoubi

Happy Friday! Our first Weekly ED is of a show we missed last Summer, but marathoned in the hiatus between Fall and Winter: Sunday Without God.

We count the ED high on the list of the many things we loved about it. Just as good as the ED itself, a soulful ballad called “Owaranai Melody wo Utaidashimashita. (終わらないメロディーを歌いだしました。; I Sing This Never-ending Melody.)” by Mikako Komatsu (the voice of Princess Ulla, as well as Captain Marika from Mouretsu Pirates), is the way the episodes transitioned into it, often coming to a close right at the line “LIFE ON THE PLANET.”

It’s a very beautiful song, one we unashamedly confess to welling up a little every time we hear it. It starts out very melancholy and wistful, but eventually grows brighter and more optimistic. And while it’s cut off in this particular video clip, the little piece of music that accompanies the next episode previews is also very nice. In fact, the entire Sunday Without God soundtrack was fantastic, and we encourage its purchase.