Space Patrol Luluco – 05

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Luluco’s Sexy Space Pirate Mom quickly gets up to no good and Space Patrol is unable to stop her. Justice guns have no effect and even the chief, who takes this opportunity to transform, is completely blown away.

Only Alpha Omega Nova shows limited ability to match her, and only then by stopping a vicious disciplinary punch aimed at Luluco’s head. As the entire town is dragged away by the Pirate Spaceship, Luluco holds a slice of her father’s frozen skull and laments that he was probably the only one who could stop this.

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This week was almost exclusively action sprinkled lightly with humor. As always, it’s over the top and full of nods to Trigger/Gainax legacy. (Luluco’s mom is clearly wearing a cape of Life Threads from Kill La Kill.) The action is stylish and the pacing all works well enough, though probably not without the greater string of episodes around it.

Midori’s reaction to the slice of Luluco’s dad’s brain is probably the humor highlight, although it’s pretty funny that the Pirates are trying to auction off the town online to make a quick buck.

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In short, its more of the same, and more of the same is good because it’s a rare breed of blinding action that’s so masterfully crafted you can still understand what’s going on.

And extra points must be awarded for making the most over-the-top sexy mom villain of the season! Hurray MILFs!


Space Patrol Luluco – 04

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A massive meteor is heading for town and Luluco’s desire for Alpha Omega Nova’s undivided romantic attention must be put on hold. The chief has a plan to stop the meteor and it’s going to take all three Space Patrolers to pull it off…

because they will effectively be the booster rockets of their own spaceship and the weapon to destroy the meteor!

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Midori is in the first stage to be ejected, followed by AON, leaving Luluco alone to destroy the meteor and somehow get back from space. All does not go entirely to plan, if a plan actually exists.

However, Luluco is eventually successful… only to learn her Space Mom (and possibly a space ship) were inside.

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SPL is a rapid fire constant stream of madness kind of show. So the opening, which lingered on Luluco’s romantic longings for AON, had me nervous. Fortunately, the head-sirens come out and quickly thrust the cast into an FLCL style “have to read it twice to get it” storm of delicious nonsense.

Little details like the English speaking mission control guy saying “the current episodes storyboard is under production without a final script” before simply repeating the Japanese mission control guy’s lines in english are the cornerstone of this type of humor.

The chief mumbling do this because something something with a nonsensical explanation behind him on a white board, pixel art technical animations of the rocket stages, and the claw-game style controls Luluco must use to drop a bomb on the asteroid… this episode was densely packed with quirky details.

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I have no idea where SPL is going. I’m not sure what if it’s actively parodying other Gainax shows like DieBuster or if the style just makes it look that way. I don’t know if the teen romance with an impotent triangle is all that interesting.

But I do know to I love this show for its stylish art and sense for humor.


Space Patrol Luluco – 03


Alpha Omega Nova and Luluco head to her school, Space Middle School, to root out an organized crime ring involving a “quasi-legal” app called Blackhole being distributed by an individual named “Save-the-World,” who turns out to be Luluco’s blue/green-skinned classmate Midori. Absurdity ensues!


The fact that Midori was giving Luluco the hard sell—and succeeding—kinda gave away the fact that she was the mastermind Space Patrol was after. But with a gang of roughs at her disposal, Midori won’t go down without a fight!


Nova’s all too happy to shoot the shit out of Midori, but Luluco wants to resolve things without discharging weapons. Her olive branch is smacked out of her hand when Midori captures Nova and fires him at her. Luluco thus has no choice but to transform into a gun and shoot, capturing Midori, but also destroying part of the school.


Luluco isn’t sure what to do in the future, but the freed Nova counsels her to “stay wonderful”…which probably means “keep transforming into a gun and shooting perps into submission.” After our lovely credits, Midori convinces the somewhat easily swayed Over Justice to forgive her crimes and recruit her into he Patrol.

Gainax/Trigger fans will probably recognize Midori’s distinctive seiyu as Shintani Mayumi, who also voiced Nonon in Kill la Kill and Haruko in FLCL. With the addition of Midori, Space Patrol Luluco continues to be a super-concentrated, zany, quick-firing, unpredictably delicious lark.