Working’!! – 08

Nazuna has grown to the same height as Takanashi, so he hires Popura to be his Cute Little Sister for a day. A jealous Inami tries to get him to call her cute as well, and succeeds by showing him a picture of her as a little girl. She records his voice on her phone to listen to it over and over again. Kirio arrives at Wagnaria to search for Aoi. Takanashi considers him a threat, and Souma artfully keeps Aoi away from him.

Souma can be a cruel, ruthless guy. He loves nothing else but the look of humiliation on the faces of others, after all. Yet After a whole day of teasing his coworkers, Souma does something nice for Aoi; she keeps her blissfully unaware that she’s being hunted. Even if it isn’t the right thing to do, it’s to make her happy, not to humiliate her. This works great in concert with everyone’s standoffishness vis-a-vis Kirio. They’re not trying to protect Aoi, but they don’t seem to like the guy either. He gets too close to people; he’s a disruptive element.

Last week, we were made to believe that Kirio is stronger than Takanashi, and perhaps a more suitible suitor to Inami, because he can stop her punches, while Takanashi takes every one. Hilariously, it turns out not only could Takanashi stop her punches if he tried, he can pacify Kirio as easily as he swats a fly. This fits his background as a kid with many older sisters; Kozue whaled on him and in so doing, toughened him and taught him self-defense. But the fact he doesn’t resist Inami’s blows because doing so would hurt her is a very romantic sentiment, even if unconscious.

Rating: 3.5

Working’!! – 07

Mahiru is warned by classmates of a molester on her route to work, but they insist she’ll be fine. It turns out to be Kirio Yamada, who resembles Aoi and is looking for his little sister. He can also block her punches. When Takanashi sees her talking comfortably with another guy, he becomes extremely emotionally distraught. After talking with his little sister, he confronts Mahiru, insisting he’s not a masochist and only likes little things.

We liked this episode. Thar be developments here! As in actual things happening to people that aren’t just limited to this one episode! For one thing, somebody we’re pretty sure is Aoi’s brother is looking for Aoi (Why else would he look exactly like her?). While his hesitating when saying his name is a little suspicious, I can’t buy Takanashi’s belief that Aoi made up the name Yamada. But that will be delved into further next week. The most important development this week was Inami finding the perfect guy.

He’s well-dressed, her age, worried about her missing sister (sorta), and most importantly, he can totally neutralize her punches, forcing her to, well, deal with him, and tolerate his closeness. But even that’s just because he knows karate. Otherwise, he’s just a normal guy…not the freaks at Wagnaria. As for Takanashi’s reaction: we don’t care what excuses he tells himself or everyone else: when he saw HIS girl with another guy, he got jealous – plain and simple.

Rating: 3.5