Weekly OP: Knights of Sidonia

“Sidonia” by angela (who also did the awesome opening theme to “K”) starts out much like the opening of Last Exile; that is, with bagpipes! It’s a very stirring military march that’s more than a little somber, and every bit a piece of propaganda, because as we see in the show, the denizens of Sidonia are not merely war-hardened soldiers fighting non-stop; they also have games, festivals and love triangles.

After last week’s episode, we now know there’s not as much force behind this march as we initially thought; as when the enemy finally appears after a century, the four best pilots Sidonia can muster are undone; ironically by their own love for each other. Therefore there’s an interesting irony and artifice to this march; it’s the ideal of what the Knights of Sidonia should be, but they haven’t achieved that ideal yet.

The lyrics tell a different story; behind the strength and confidence of the music, especially when it pivots from a march to four-on-the-floor electronica, there’s a resignation to one’s fate; that death will come to every Knight, no matter how elite, but it will come in the glory of battle, protecting the only home they have left.

(Sorry about the voiceover over the music, but this is an official King Records video and thus will not suddenly disappear!)