Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation – 11 (S1 Fin) – Sharing the Load

Roxy comes upon a bulletin board outside of Roa (at least I think it’s Roa) and is relieved to find Rudy and his family’s names missing from the lists of the dead. She also finds a letter from Paul to Rudy, saying he’s not worried about him making it home, while asking anyone who knows his family or the members of their old adventurer group to help him find Zenith, Lilia, and Aisha (Norn is with him).

The Fangs of the Black Wolf to write back to him care of the adventurer’s guild in Millis. Roxy happens to encounter two former Fangs—a she-elf and a dwarf—forming party of three in search of Zenith, Lilia, and Aisha. Meanwhile, Rudy’s party of three are taking jobs and starting to make money, thanks to their arrangements, thanks to the cooperation of the two remaining pet kidnappers, Jalil and Vizquel.

Their first high-ranked job is to investigate a monster in the Petrified Forest—a suitably dark and spooky venue—but they find the job has been triple booked, both by Kurt and his two young comrades and a third group led by an older orc. The three groups go their own ways, but Kurt & Co. immediately run into trouble.

Rudy sees an opportunity to improve Ruijerd’s rep by rescuing them, but wants to wait for the right moment. While delaying Ruijerd from charging in to save them, one of Kurt’s buddies is brutally killed; his body flying gracefully through the air before hitting he ground with a horrific splat. Ruijerd and Eris don’t wait for Rudy’s signal, and deal with the two monsters themselves.

Rudy explains he thought it would “work out better” for them if they waited, but Ruijerd is furious. Instead of Eris, it’s Kurt who grabs Ruijerd’s arm, insisting that neither he nor his dead buddy are “kids”; they’re adventurers who knew this job could mean their deaths. As the leader of his party, it’s his fault.

When Ruijerd sees Kurt take responsibility and weep for his fallen friend, his hand hovers over the kid’s head before resting on firmly on his shoulder, demonstrating that Ruijerd acknowledges Kurt as a full-fledged warrior, and apologizes for treating him like a child.

The monsters Ruijerd and Eris weren’t the monster the job mentioned. That turns out to be the forest boss, a redhood cobra, who has already killed all of the orc’s party but himself. Ruijerd manages to slash along one side of its body, but when Eris’ blade bounces off its thick skin, she’s blasted backwards. Fortunately she’s able to use her own sword to cushion the impact, and recovers quickly.

Rudy launches magical attacks that lure the cobra to him, and Ruijerd stops it in its tracks before it can swallow the boy. Eris then tries again with her sword, launching a devastating attack from above that called to mind Haruko smashing away with her Rickenbacker bass in FLCL. She manages to slice clean through the cobra’s body, allowing Rudy to blast a hole through its hood, finishing it off.

Unfortunately, they’re too late to save the orc adventurer’s life, and when they return to town to claim the reward, Bojack Horseman is there to tell them he knows they switched jobs with Jalil and Vizquel, and unless they pay him half of all their earnings monthly, he’ll make sure their licenses are revoked. After lowering his head in frustration, he raises it, as if to ask the heavens themselves why everything he’s done since coming to the city has gone so wrong.

Eris can tell he’s troubled and takes his hand in concern, and he tries to reassure her with a fake smile. She reminds him of his solemn duty: to get her home to her family. He’ll bring down the whole goddamn city if he has to. His staff begins to glow through its cover, and storm clouds begin to gather…then Ruijerd dumps a jug of water on his head, revealing his green hair, and he then threatens a thoroughly terrified Bojack to back off before fleeing the city on his own.

Rudy and Eris leave the city to search for Ruijerd, and eventually find him. To Rudy’s surprise and shame, Ruijerd apologizes to him, when he thinks it’s he who should be apologizing. He was so focused on making money as efficiently as possible and improving his reputation that it became too much to juggle and got away from him.

But Ruijerd doesn’t hold it against him. He sensed Rudy’s resolve to kill Bojack, and could tell Rudy was trying to protect something—someone, in Eris—which makes him a warrior, not a child. To Ruijerd, warriors protect children and treasure their comrades. Helping Rudy out back there was more important than his tribe’s reputation.

The two shake hands, which of course leads Eris to add her hand to the pile so as not to be left out. The next morning, Ruijerd shaves his head so it will be easier to move around, and the three wear matching head/armbands to denote their status as members of Dead End.

Going forward, Rudy stops trying to figure out everything on his own, and trusts both Ruijerd and Eris to help share the load on their mutual quest to reach the Asura Kingdom. As the credits roll, we watch them camp and travel on a ground dragon, watch Ruijerd pull Rudy away from snooping on a bathing Eris, and Eris punching Rudy when he opens a dressing room curtain before she’s dressed (she acquires some super-cool knight’s armor for heavy-duty battles).

Eventually they reach a new port city…which I believe happens to be the same port city at which Roxy and the two Fangs arrive via ship. Whether Rudy & Co. are still in the Demon continent or have reached Millis isn’t clear, but one thing’s for certain: there’s potential for a tearful reunion of master and apprentice, and should that happen, they’ll be an even more formidable party of six.

Unfortunately, as Mushoku Tensei is a split-cour series, we’ll have to wait until July for the continuation of the story, just as it’s getting seriously awesome. Not that it wasn’t before. MT completed a masterful transformation from excellent fantasy isekai slice-of-life in a sleepy rural setting to an excellent grand-scale fantasy adventure romp packed with colorful characters, gorgeous locales, and breathtaking action. The finale could not have done a better job getting me pumped up for season two!

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Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken – 08


I Don’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying continues to build up the pre-child positions for Husband and Wife this week. This time around, they are watching Ai-chan, the daughter of an unspecified relative to Wife.

Ai-chan is cute and loves golf, which makes sense, since her mom is a pro golfer and her dad is a caddy. So Husband and Wife go to a driving range and have fun all day.


This week’s weirdest moment came early, with Ai wanting to talk all her clothes off because they were too stiff and Wife saying she couldn’t because there was a beast in the house.

However, as with previous weeks, there wasn’t much effort put into humor here. It was cute, pleasant and clearly sets up Husband and Wife’s emotional readiness for a child. Well, at least as much as any parent is ready for it.


I don’t have much to say about DannaNani at this point. Compared to Ai Tenchi Muyo!, almost nothing happens per-episode and what does happen is fairly straightforward. That’s not a claim that ATM! is better. Far from it!

DannaNani’s shortcomings largely come from being generally pleasant but forgettable. But also not generic, even though it doesn’t stand out. “Comfortable” is probably the word I’m looking for and if you need that at the end of a long day, DannaNani has 180 seconds just for you.


Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken – 07


I Don’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying continues down the more serious drama lines it established a few weeks ago. As with the drinking-problem issue, this time is dedicated to another one or Wife’s quirks: she’s a terrible cook!


So, obviously, Husband is a pretty easy cook to compensate their combined level of functionality, which seems to be the general message we’ve gotten over the past few weeks.

Neither Wife nor Husband is especially function on their own but, together, they work well together — work like a complete person.


Oh! and we finally learned who this guy was! It’s Wife’s dad and he’s a great chef. Also, Wife’s mom was a terrible cook, but matured after giving birth. Also Husband’s sister/brother is bringing bentos to Husband’s boss.

It was a cute episode. Charming, even. The initial idea that he’s no good for her is obviously long behind us but, more interestingly, we’re finally seeing why Wife wasn’t talking down about him to her friends. Between the drinking, smoking, lack of cooking and general haze of her brain, she really doesn’t have reason to feel especially superior to him.

After all, Husband loves that she can’t cook. It raises her genre-stats tremendously.


Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken – 04


I Don’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying stepped up the pace this week, easily forcing me to rewind and re-read my sub twice to make sure I had everything. Strangely, this week was also pretty lite on humor…

Seriously? Did I actually replay a 3-minute slice of life piece that had no real jokes and enjoyed myself? What, have I been taken over by an alien head-eating Parasyte? Help me Tamiya-sensei! You’re my only hope!


Okay so what actually happened? Husband put his blog on hiatus to look for real work and wife became very happy. The day had finally come when she could tell the neighborhood house wives what her husband actually does for a living.

But he can’t find a job. Or isn’t really trying. Or he’s insane. (he uses a horse head on his resume after all) Why not all three?


Wife suggests he ask Miki for work. Miki is super still royally upset that Husband’s sister/brother has a penis though…but does give him a data entry job because he knows it will make Wife happy and I guess it’s not much trouble for him.

Also he has a family member already doing other data entry. So he can’t have that much over head…


Finally it’s agreed that Husband should work from home and can do web design. He has the skills so this should go fine as long as he doesn’t do anything crazy on purpose.

And Wife is happy. Even though she can’t explain what he does to the local house wives (really? web design is too complicated for them to understand as a profession that exists? are these house wives sub-human?) she’s just happy to understand what husband is doing herself.


Week 4 was nice. Husband seems to care about Wife and want to make her happy. Wife, for her part is happy that he’s trying, even if he’s doing it poorly. All around, DannaNani is a warm and fuzzy show and I enjoyed it for that, even without much attempt at humor.

Still… it’s weird to me that this show is called I Don’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying but the wife, generally, understands what her husband is saying? Hrm…


Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken – 03


Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken Episode 3 is the most slice-like slice of life this short-format has produced so far. What do I mean?

This week’s scene was so truncated, it’s difficult to even call it a scene. It was, essentially, just three jokes strung together.

(I’m not counting his screenname as one of the jokes)

Joke 1: Husband and his little brother/sister have no friends (except the internet)

Joke 2: Husband’s little brother/sister is oddly pervy and implies they should have a circle jerk. Then he’s sent home on the train. (like last week)

Joke 3: No one knows Husband’s little brother/sister is male and, at a physical otaku meetup, one of Husband’s online acquaintances decided to make a move on brother/sister. Husband approves, if only to do away with both of them for now.


Wife’s role in this was to make the first two jokes. That’s about it.

There isn’t anything to say about this week’s offering. It is visually acceptable, uneventful and toes the line of being funny but it was devoid of content to an absurd extreme. Again, it functions because it is short but it would probably function as well if all the micro-parts were strung together into a single normal format episode.



Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken – 02


Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken (I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying) continues to be a puzzling experience.

This week we learn that the wife’s name is Kaoru, and we watch her introduce two of her female friends to her husband. This goes reasonably well, except that he begins the introduction wearing a horse mask…


Despite this, the friends like him…though they also presume that he was acting ‘normal’ for them. Regardless, the interaction does go well and we also learn that Kaoru had planned to stay single for life but, for reasons still unknown, married her crazy otaku husband.


We also meet Kaoru’s husband’s little brother, who may be his sister, who is also obsessed with the internet and fandom. The segment was very fast and I really have no idea what was going on. (And I’m too lazy to google what ‘uke’ means)

Well played, anime about not understanding. Well played.


On the up side, we see the couple getting along much more naturally—even tenderly—than last week’s husband dominated sleazy jerk-fest. I still have no idea what to make of this show but there isn’t much to complain about something that only lasts 3 minutes.