Accel World – 06

While tag-teaming with Taku, Haru earns enough burst points to move up to Level 2; however, in his excitement, he does so immediately, spending all but eight of his points. Now a sitting duck to an attack, Taku offers to give him some of his points by letting him win, but Haru doesn’t feel right about that, so Taku tells him about Aqua Current, a bodyguard of sorts for linkers with low points. After buying Chiyu ice cream as an apology, Haru seeks Aqua Current out, and is surprised to find she’s a girl. Meanwhile, Kuroyukihime is about to be discharged from the hospital when Taku pays her a visit…

Fool us once, shame on Accel World…fool us twice, shame on us. Sorry, but we’re just not ready to start trusting Taku like nothing ever happened. What he did to Chiyu and Haru was seriously messed up, and there’s one scene this week that suggests he’s not quite done with the treachery. Oh sure, he’s helped Haru train, and even offers to help sacrifice some of his points so Haru isn’t so vulnerable post-leveling-up (in Haru’s stupid mistake of the week). But somehow we doubt his former pals in the Blue Legion are just going to let him off with a slap on the wrist. They “stay his execution”, but likely in exchange for something. Our guess his he’s their mole in Nega Nebulous.

The other question is what he’s doing in Kuroyukihime’s hospital room in the cliffhanger. His body language doesn’t suggrest he’s about to attack her, so it’s odd that she’s the one who yells “Burst Link!” Isn’t she almost out of points too? And what was that Kendo bracket all about? Was Taku forced to withdrawal from the competition? Finally, we’re introduced to a potentially interesting new burst linker in the skinny jeans-donning Aqua Current, who takes numerous steps to protect her identity…only to have Haru trip over them.

Rating: 6 (Good)

Car Cameo:
There’s a Mitsubishi Lancer illegally(?) parked right outside the hospital.