Adachi & Shimamura – 10 – Finally Adachi

The opening scene is filled with drama and suspense as Adachi prays to be in the same class as Shimamura. Her prayers are answered, and she’s not shy about celebrating it, much to the amusement of Shima, who is sporting a new look with her natural darker hair color. Obviously, the change hasn’t lessoned Adachi’s adoration of her in the slightest.

Shimamura even tests out calling Adachi “Sakura-chan”, predictably turning Adachi into one happy puppy. These two seem locked in, until three new “artificial friends” are drawn into Shima’s orbit, replacing Hino and Nagafuji. They eat lunch and chat together, and even though Shima doesn’t particularly enjoy it, she lets it happen, while Adachi…just kinda runs off.

There’s a lot to read into Shimamura and Adachi’s passivity this week, which starts with Adachi’s hope they’d remain in the same class. She’s not sure Shima would actively seek her out if they were in different classes, and sure enough, Shima admits she wasn’t close enough to Hino or Nagafuji to do that for them.

It’s not abundantly clear what’s up with Adachi, since after that first scene when she learns they’ll be together, we don’t get any more time inside her head. I for one buy that she’s just giving Shima some space, worried about being too possessive or clingy could make things awkward. Of course, her absence from class and from most of the remainder of the episode is its own awkwardness.

While Shimamura doesn’t check to see if Adachi retreated to the second floor of the gym, she also feels her absence when Tarumi calls her, requesting another hang-out. After their last “date” tanked, Tarumi has gone to lengths to rehabilitate her attitude to something more brash, bubbly, and fun. Not only does it come off as extremely forced, but Shima can’t help but not really pick up anything Tarumi puts down. She nods, smiles, and thinks about Adachi instead.

By the end of their second “date”, Tarumi expresses her desire to be full-fledged friends with Shimamura again, like they were as tykes. As with all of her requests to that point, Shima assents, but Tarumi finds it hard to read her vague expressions. They part when Yashiro appears, and when Shima asks herself “Who even am I?” Yashiro replies “You’re just you.”

Nice words, but frankly I still fail to grasp the reason for Yashiro popping in and out of this show at all, just as I continue to wonder why we peek in on Hino and Nagafuji’s long friendship seemingly growing more and more amorous, but only to the point of plausible deniability. If Shimamura ditched these two, why does the show keep checking in on them?

Is it to compare them with the much newer and very different pairing of our two leads? Our two leads were mostly apart this week, while Hino and Nagafuji continue to be stuck like glue. But absence clearly makes the heart grow fonder, as when it comes to Shima having her name called in class, only Adachi will do.

She seems relieved that Adachi finally approached her after she’d descended into a monotonous second-year existence of having lunch with her fake friends and not listening to them prattle on. Adachi worries Shima “doesn’t need her that badly”. But watching Shima’s potential new friends swing and miss, it’s clear at the very least that she prefers Adachi over others. By Shima’s standards, that’s a big deal.

Battle Girl High School: Battle Girl Project – 01 (First Impressions)

Like GF Kari or Kantai Collection, this is a show about quantity over quality, specifically with regard to “battle girls.” No two girls are quite alike in hair color, voice, outfit, or weapon, and it’s a collect-them-all vibe to them.

There doesn’t seem to be any angle that might subvert the standard magical/battle girl genre; they’re just in a bit of a performance slump and their instructors have decided to put them through more training.

While the main trio of Miki, Haruka, and Subaru are introduced and a few other relationships and personalities are doled out, it’s frankly a bit of an overload for me.

The line between entertainment and advertisement feels so very thin here, and the “Irousu” enemy is generic to the point of afterthought. If it’s all the same, I’ll go ahead and skip this one, which while not shockingly bad, is bereft of anything new or interesting.

24 Blondes of Fall ’14

Note: This isn’t every blonde in Fall, but it is most of them. If someone you like was cruelly left off this list, let us have it in the comments.


1. Fuka Yuki

Ai Tenchi Muyo! – Leader of the Junai High Science Club and a ‘mad-scientist/inventor’ type who is constantly battling the ‘oppressive’ Student Council for resources. The ‘eyes’ in her large glasses mimic her moods.


2. Leone

Akame ga Kill! – Sure, those boobs don’t seem possible for that waist, but google ‘human barbie’ and you’ll see there are living humans who look kinda like this! In any case, they can’t transform into half-beasts with ridiculous healing powers.


3. Run

Akame ga Kill! – Baby-faced sandy-blonde Run hasn’t done much in AGK! other than observe from on high with his angel wings, but I imagine that will change soon in the last three episodes.


4. Latifa Fleuranza

Amagi Brilliant Park – Latifa (or Latifah) is the park’s manager, and also the princess of Maple Land, whose subjects depend on the happy energy of people to survive. She also possesses magical powers that she can bestow upon people by kissing them, which is what she does to Seiya, who is prophesied to be the park’s next manager. She’s named after Queen Latifah.


5. Sylphy

Amagi Brilliant Park – Sylphy is an employee of the park working at the Elementario. She’s rather ditzy and a bit of an airhead. She’s also a wind fairy.


6-7. Aino Minako & Tsukino Usagi

Sailor Moon Crystal – If you’re a newcomer like me to the franchise, you might wonder why they’d have two blonde Sailor guardians. After ten episodes, it makes perfect sense now. And it’s not like they’re impossible to tell apart. One has buns!


8. Ange

Cross Ange – The first of the several blonde leading ladies on this list, Ange has also probably had the roughest character route thus far, having been exposed as a Norma, stripped of her royal and human status, and shipped to Arzenal to die fighting fearsome DRAGONs in skimpy flight suits with other girls of her ilk. But I don’t see her dying anytime soon; despite her delicate upbringing she knows how to fight and survive.


9. Suzuki Kana

Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai – Positive, cheerful, fun-loving, and funny, Kana would make a great match for the protagonist Kyouraku…if there weren’t two or three other girls ahead of her in the harem order of precedence. She’s also classically been the clown of whatever group of friends she’s been in, but more by default than by choice.


10. Tsunashi Kaoru

DannaNani – The wife who can’t understand what her husband is saying.


11. Saber

Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works – A powerful legendary swordmaiden summoned to be Emiya Shirou’s ‘Servant’ in the newest iteration of the Holy Grail War, Saber is utterly devoted to, and patient with, her non-mage master.


12. Alfonso Saint-Variante

GARO: Honoo no Kokuin – Heir both to the throne of his father’s kingdom and the armor of a Makai Knight, Alfonso was forced to flee the palace when the king’s advisor Mendoza started consolidating his power.


13. Fredrica

Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle – One of the heroes who slew Emperor Gaz and brought peace to the land, Fredrica is a dragoon that comes in many forms, including metal dragon, chibi girl, and fully grown lady knight, and the form above, that of an elementary or middle school-aged girl in a frilly dress.


14. Himeki Chifuyu

Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de – The only member of the literature club still in grade school, Chifuyu possesses the terrifying power to create anything out of nothing, from matter to portals and dimensions. Like the other girls of the Lit Club, she’s in love with Jurai, but the others won’t consider her a real threat for a few years.


15. Sata Kyoya

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji – The titular ‘black prince’, Kyoya is a bit of a sadist who agrees to pretend to be Erika’s boyfriend if he can treat her like his dog. Has intimacy and commitment issues probably stemming from his upbringing. Eventually he develops feelings for Erika to match hers for him, and they become a real couple. But both can still be jerks on occasion.


16. Tachibana Marin

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji – A shallow, self-involved older/richer guy-crazy Ganguro without the tan on the surface, Marin and her friend Aki start out as the friends Erika chooses by default, and the entire reason she has to pretend Kyoya is her boyfriend. But Marin and Aki actually grow into legitimate friends who care about each other’s fortunes in life, albeit perhaps not as close as Erika’s childhood friend Ayumi.


17. Wakasa

Orenchi no Furo Jijou – Wakasa is a handsome merman who takes up residence in the bathtub of Tatsumi, leaving his old home, a polluted river, behind.


18. Karanomori Shion

PSYCHO-PASS 2 – An Enforcer in MWPSB’s Division 1 who spends virtually all of her time supporting the rest of the group from her own computer-filled office. She’s quietly maintained a physical and possibly romantic relationship with fellow enforcer Yayoi for some time.


19. Aiza Takeshi

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso – This Goku-haired bastard is a fellow gifted pianist and self-appointed rival of Arima Kousei, someone who didn’t even notice him when they competed in the past, but who was so inspired by Kousei’s greatness – and pissed-off by his aloofness — that he strove and grew into a great pianist in his own right.


20. Miyazono Kaori

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso – Kao-chan is a gorgeous and brilliant violinist with an avant-garde style that traditionalists despise but really lights crowd up. She also ends up lighting up the life of Arima Kousei, becoming the muse who pulls him out of a dark sea where he can’t hear the notes he plays. Kaori can also be prone to violence…as well as the occasional sudden and worrisome bout of health trouble.


21. Jeanne d’Arc

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis – Unlike many anime characters who share their name with the legendary warrior maiden, This Jeanne lives up to the name, a young woman from humble beginnings possessing awesome powers bestowed upon her from the heavens. Her trusty holy sword Maltet comes when she calls it! She may be humanity’s only hope against Bahamut. You’d think she’d act aloof, especially toward a rogue like Favaro, but she’s surprisingly genial and down-to-earth.


22. Leafa (ALO)

Sword Art Online II – AKA Kirigaya Suguha or “Sugu”, Leafa is the name of her avatar in ALO, which is blonde instead of her real-life black hair, and slightly bustier (or perhaps it’s just a push-up outfit). She had cultivated feelings for her brother Kazuto, and though they’re not related by blood, he couldn’t return those feelings. But that was SAO I! In SAO II, she plays a far smaller role. But she is blonde, so here she is.

23-24. Inubouzaki Fuu & Inubouzaki Itsuki

Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru – Fuu is a third-year in middle school and the president of the Hero Club. She is the older sister of first-year Itsuki, who she has been looking after following the death of their parents. She is knowledgeable about the Divine Tree and Vertex and was the one who gave her fellow members the app needed to fight against the Vertex.

Fuu uses a large sword in her hero form and her familiar is Inugami. As a result of using her Mankai form, she loses vision in her left eye. Itsuki uses vines to attack her enemies in her hero form and her familiar is Kodama. As a result of using her Mankai form, she loses her voice. (Wikipedia)

13 Silver / White-Haired Ladies of Fall ’14


1. Hachiko

Ai Tenchi Muyo! – The silver-haired muscle of the student council, Hachiko shares her name with a famously loyal Japanese dog, and is similarly devoted to President Momo-sama. She’s almost constantly armed with her trusty bokken, and when she’s not, she devolves into a fearful, mewling child…though she did overcome that very large weakness on one occasion.


2. Najenda

Akame ga Kill! – The unquestioned general and leader of Night Raid, Najenda’s silver hair belies her mid-twenties age. While she presently sports a pixie cut, she once had a substantial braid.


3. Muse

Amagi Brilliant Park – A fairy of water and the leader of the fairies of Elementario. Muse has a very energetic and cheerful personality and she is often seen with a smile on her face. Despite the lack of popularity of the Elementario, she still works hard. (Source: Wikipedia)


4. Mochizuki Maho

Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai – Shiomi Academy’s Student Council President, the ethereal-haired Maho pressed hard for Kyoutarou to join the council, to no avail; he joined the library club instead. She also seems to have a thing for him.


5. Murakami Fumio

Girl Friend BETA – The quiet, bookish, cautious Fumio is ironically best friends with the energetic, gregarious, impulsive Mochizuki Erena, who considers Fumio her photography muse. Erena’s attention, support and friendship has improved Fumio’s self-worth, and shows the whole school that Fumio is a lot warmer and more amiable than her cool exterior suggests.


6. Raraiya Monday

Gundam: G no Reconguista – Raraiya’s white hair has an odd green tinge to it, but aside from her striking appearance and propensity to spout “Chuchumy” as she tosses a goldfish-ball around, there’s not much to Rara-chan; at least not yet. She’s missing memories and does not yet possess the faculties to tell Bell, Noredo and the others who she is and where she came from.


7. Chaika Trabant

Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle – Like Raraiya, Chaika has a unique way of speaking that can put some people off, but while she started out with considerable holes in her memory, Chaika was clear about two things: she’s the daughter of the deposed Emperor Gaz, and her mission is to gather his remains so she can give him a proper funeral. Of course, those things she thought she knew with such certainty have gradually crumbled as the truth about Gaz’s plots has come to light.


8. Vivi Holopainen

Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle – An involuntary newcomer to the Whitehair Club, shortly after learning her commanding officer and love interest Alberic Gillette died, she transformed into a kind of demi-Chaika, and was visited by Guy like the other Chaikas. Unlike Trabant and Bohdan, she’s only interested in gathering Gaz’s remains so she can keep them out of the hands of those who would use them for nefarious purposes that would upset the piece of the Six Nations. To her, that’s anyone that’s not her.


9. Chaika Bohdan

Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle – A slightly more athletic-looking version of Trabant with bloomers and short hair, Bohdan has the same mission as Trabant as well, and believes Trabant to be an impostor.


10-11. Alina & Irina Hartgen

Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle – A pair of twin Chaikas we know very little about, Hartgen, one of the heroes who took out Gaz, seems to have adopted them as his daughters, and are as devoted to him as Trabant and Bohdan are devoted to collecting their “father’s” remains.


12. Kushikawai Hatoko

Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de – The bubbly airhead of the Lit Club, Hatoko’s silvery hair has a pinkish tinge, and her superpower is control over the five elements of fire, water, earth, air, and light. She’s also Jurai’s childhood friend and has feelings for him now that they’re in high school, but she’s long repressed the frustration of not ever knowing what the hell he’s talking about, as revealed in a recent (and very powerful) rant.


13. Furukawa Yui

Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete – While many of these pale ladies have mysterious pasts, it’s more accurate to say Yui has a mysterious – and likely lost – future…if we’re properly interpreting the clues surrounding her appearance and apparent mission.

19 Blue-Haired Characters of Fall ’14


1. Aoi Rui

Ai Tenchi Muyo! – Statuesque, curvy, and shy, if Yuki is the brains of the Science Club and Beni’s the brawn, than Rui’s the beauty. She also typcially dons big brown boots and eats a lot, but doesn’t seem to have any particular skills.


2. Acura Tooru

Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle – While his sister sports green hair and blue eyes, Tooru has the opposite. He also has a somewhat tiresome will-they-won’t-they-they-won’t relationship with Chaika, which hasn’t gone anywhere since they kissed last season (though that was technically a kiss of life).


3. Amira (Demon Form)

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis – While in human form, Amira has that cotton candy pink hair, but in demon mode she glows a bright, icy blue. Her moves in said mode are so quick and elaborate that still images are hard to come by.


4. Asada “Sinon” Shino (ALO)

Sword Art Online II – Sinon was relegated to side character in the past Excaliber arc. Like Silica, she chose to be a member of the Cait Sith race, but is armed with a bow rather than a dagger, in keeping with her GGO background.


5. Chris

Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo – One part of Captain Zola’s harem which also included Hilda and Roselie, Chris and Roselie now comprise Hilda’s harem. As such, the three are pretty much of one mind on all things, including teasing/hazing Ange. She sports a steel blue hair which stylishly covers one eye.


6. Esdeath

Akame ga Kill! – Esdeath is one tough cookie, but the immensely powerful, sadistic pale ice blue-haired general still has a soft side, which Tatsumi brings out without fail. I’ve always liked that about her, but the show has made it pretty clear she won’t be joining the rebellion any time soon.


7-8. Hakubi Ryouko & Masaki Sasami Jurai

Ai Tenchi Muyo! – Two-thirds of Tenchi’s household harem, Ryouko and Sasami are highly protective and devoted to the teacher-in-training. It’s also implied they’re not human, but who and what they really are and what their story is isn’t covered in this iteration of the franchise.


9. Lancer

Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works We’ve only seen Lancer in what the industry dubs “blue-filter night”, so the guy may just have shiny black hair, but most GIS results on the guy bring up someone with a dark blue hair, so he’s on this list.


10. Matou Shinji

Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works At this point in UBW, all we know about Shinji is that he’s rough with his kind, gentle sister, is as a result a bit of an ass, and is voiced by Mr. Despair himself. The rest will have to wait for a Shinji-centric episode.


11. Mikuni

Orenchi no Furo Jijou – Mikuni isn’t just blue-haired, he’s blue, period. Because he’s a jellyfish. He also looks like a woman.


12. Mizuno Ami, AKA Sailor Mercury

Sailor Moon Crystal Perhaps the most well-known and venerable character on this list, Ami is a bookish girl whom Usagi eventually wrests from her shell and befriends, then her powers as a Sailor Guardian manifest.


13. Noel

Sora no Method’s resident wish-alien-fairy-mascot thingy, Noel follows Nonoka and the others around a lot, and is closely related to the saucer, if not a manifestation of the saucer itself. When Nonoka brings the friends together, she’s able to manipulate the surface of the saucer to project fireworks, which is neat.


14. Pazuzu

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis – Pazuzu is a demon and Azazel’s strong right arm. Still, the blue-haired brute finds that going up against the teamwork of Favaro and Kaisar isn’t something to be undertaken lightly; the humans manage to escape with Amira.


15. Raphael

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis – Like Gabriel, Raphael is some kind of fancypants angel, but we really haven’t seen nor heard much of anything from her yet. Still, she definitely has blue hair, so here she is.


16. Susanoo

Susanoo is another massively-powerful character in Akame ga Kill!, but he’s not a human, but rather Najenda’s Imperial Arms. Belying his ability to wreak havoc and destruction upon his foes on a vast scale, the guy’s also an anal retentive.


17. Ureshino Sayumi

Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai While she may be button-cute, Sayumi the cafeteria girl is an extremely shrewd businesswoman, who doesn’t offer information on the legendary Shepherd without something in return – in her case, having the library club hand out flyers in cosplay.


18. Wave

Akame ga Kill! – Perhaps the most well-adjusted member of he Jaegers, Wave seems like a perfectly decent guy; a Bizarro Tatsumi who has no business being on a team of heartless killers. Still, a Jaeger he is, and what with his big-bro attitude towards Kurome, a Jaeger he is likely to remain.


19. Yuuki Asuna (ALO)

Sword Art Online II – Like Sinon in the latest arc, Asuna has had criminally little to do since being rescued from Mr. SuperEvil by Kirito in the first ALO arc. But she returns to ALO despite her horrible coma experience, this time with blue hair.

11 Pink-Haired Anime Characters of October


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Is it mere coincidence that so many characters appearing in anime this month have pink (or pinkish) hair?

Well, actually yes…yes it is a coincidence.

But who cares! Let’s go down the rolls of eleven Fall 2014 characters who sport the somewhat unnatural but very visible hue atop their heads, in alphabetical order:


1. Amira

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis • CV: Shimizu Ai

There are really two Amiras: the innocent, curious young woman (with pink hair) riding horses, imbibing and dancing for the first time…and the bad-ass demon warrior whom even hardened knights can only tickle with their magic. Her hair is also very very pale pink…though I wouldn’t call it strawberry blonde.


2. Asami Lilith

Trinity Seven • CV: Hara Yumi

Lilith is a teacher at the Magic Academy, and introduces the protagonist Arata to the magic world. A bit of a prude, it’s nevertheless clear she likes Arata, as most of the other girls in the show do. I guess her hair is more rose than pink, but I’ll allow it.


3. Ersha

Cross Ange • CV: Koshimizu Ami

Also spelled “Elsha” in some places, We haven’t seen much of Ersha yet, but among the older First Troop pilots, she seems to be the nicest and friendliest, and doesn’t have any particular beef with Anget. Of course, who knows, she may tear Ange’s kidney out and eat it next week…the show could go that way. In any case, Ami is one of our favorite seiyus.


4. Kanzaki Tomoyo

InoBato • CV: Yamazaki Haruka

While she’s tended towards the common “I like the protagonist but will NEVER EVER admit it!” pattern so far, Tomoyo is still one of our favorite pinkhairs because of her playful, knowing chemistry with Jurai. Also, she can stop, slow, or speed up time. Sure, her hair is more crimson than pink, but according to Wikipedia, pink is really just a pale crimson!


5. Kawaganare Momo

Ai Tenchi Muyo! • CV: Touyama Nao

Momo is voiced by Touyama Nao, wears flip-flops instead of loafers or uwabaki, and duh, has pink hair. She also definitely wears panties. But seven episodes in, there are more questions than answers about her, like what she really is and where she comes from. But of all the girls Tenchi comes across, she’s the least hostile by far.


6. Kodachi Nagi

Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai • CV: Tanezaki Atsumi

Another rosehead like Lilith whom we’re still including. We’ve only seen a little bit of her, but one thing we already like about her is the fact she’s voiced by Tanezaki Atsumi, who also voiced Lisa in Zankyou no Terror. She also seems to be orchestrating the creation of Kakei Kyoutarou’s harem.


7. Komine Sachi

Grisaia no Kajitsu • CV: Shimizu Ai

Sachi is almost always in a maid outfit, because friends say she looks good in it. She is also extremely eager to please and dedicated to satisfying demands. In other words, a “good girl.”


8. Mine

Akame ga Kill! • CV: Tamura Yukari

Mine’s story is pretty simple: she and her people had everything taken away from the empire, she has a big gun that become more powerful the bigger the pinch she’s in, she likes Tatsumi but would never let on, and she has very pink hair and clothes.


9. Noredo Nug

Gundam: G no Reconguista • CV: Kotobuki Minako

Unlike a couple other pinkhairs on this list, Noredo isn’t really interested in hiding the fact that she likes her man Bellri. But it doesn’t look like Bell likes her quite the same way, a point underscored when he seems suddenly smitten with new girl Aida, who has coral hair. “Noredo Nug” is also such a bad name it’s good.


10. Serizawa Miyu

Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai • CV: Satou Rina

School radio host and friend (or past friend?) of Misono Senri. She has a cotton candy thing going on with her hair.


11. Shinozaki “Lisbeth” Rika

Sword Art Online II • CV: Takagaki Ayahi

We probably shouldn’t count Rika for a couple reasons: she’s little more than a cameo in SAO II, and she only has pink hair when she’s “Lisbeth” in ALO. Still, here she is.

That’s all for now. Expect more lists of characters with similar traits in the near to distant future!