Ben-To – 05

The Monarch, and Eastern wolf backed up by a pack of dogs called Gabriel Ratchett set a plan into motion to take out You. He’s invited to participate in a Ralph Store battle. Shaga doesn’t warn him, and Sen is there to protect him, but he gets cornered by the Monarch, who mops the floor with him. He wakes up in the store lounge with the God of Discounts, a young woman named Matsuba who used to be a wolf herself and has a past with the Monarch, who wants to conquer the west and rule all stores.

So the dark organization we were fearing didn’t turn out to be all that bad, it’s really just the small, regimented army of a very powerful wolf who wants to start a war with Sen. What better way than taking out her beloved protege? And You does get the stuffing beaten out of him, but from the intensity of the Monarch’s blows, you’d think he was killing him. Instead, You pretty quickly recovers, albeit with a little short-term memory loss.

That first creates a misunderstanding in his mind when he finds himself lying on a couch in his underwear and a lady he doesn’t know, and then another when Hana enters the room to find him in a compromising position with Shaga and Sen. Everybody’s half-judging, half-encouraging conversation with You when he arrives at Ralph mart wearing Hana’s uniform (given to him by Shaga after another misunderstanding) is also pretty funny. Despite the fact that serious threats are mounting and Shaga proves unreliable, there was plenty of levity on tap.

Rating: 3.5