Tasogare Otome x Amnesia – 02

First-year Niiya Teiichi gets turned around deep within his mazelike school’s older buildings, and comes across the ghost of a former student named Kanoe Yuuko, who died trapped behind a mirror. She’s as surprised as he is that he can see, hear, and touch her, but she has amnesia and has no idea who she was or why she died. She starts a Paranormal Investigations Club and makes Teiichi the first living member. Their first client is Okonogi Momoe, who is afraid a ghost is stalking her since her “Hide the Demon” ritual was interrupted.

In a manner similar to Haganai, the first episode took place when everything and everyone was established, and the second episode goes back in time to when Teiichi first meets the ghost Yuuko. It’s certainly an interesting way to start things; allowing the series to throw you right into the thick of things first, then take a step back and explain how things began. Not too far back, though; the episodes are called “mysteries”, and the main one of who Yuuko was and why she died will the occupy the balance of this series. As veterans of  recent goregasmic gems like ShikiBlood-C and Another, we can’t say our horror itch is very effectively scratched; this is much lighter fare with a supernatural edge. It’s more about the romance and mystery than the horror.

Details: the labyrinthine school is effectively creepy; there’s some decent moments of comedy when Teiichi is talking with Yuuko (invisible to everyone else); the concept of autohypnosis and preconceptions of the supernatural allowing people to see what they want to see is interesting, as is the flimflam show that appeases Momoe. Finally, the history of the school is provided through the use of some tasteful-looking traditional painted scrolls. This isn’t the best the Spring has to offer, but it’s not bad, either.

Rating: 5 (Average)