Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou – 02

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The gist: Agetarou continues to draw connections between Tonkatsu and DJing, like how swirling pickles is like RPM on a tun table, or how he can deep-dive for rare groove records like pulling pickles from a the barrel.

Excited by all he’s discovered, Agetarou invites his classmates to his house for a DJ session. However, he has no equipment yet…

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Through a string of unlikely events, and through his friends’ family businesses, he ends up with all he needs and pulls off a great DJ session. Everyone is taken by his groove but it’s zoo loud 100 complaints are lodged and Agetarou s grounded for a week. Roll Credits…

TDJA remains completely ridiculous and profoundly ugly to look at and I’m in love. It isn’t even a funny. It’s funny that someone thought the jokes were funny.

However, It is unique and bravely absurd like the rare art-school style pieces to come before it.


Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou – 01 (First Impressions)

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The gist: Agetarou is a boy does not want to inherit has family’s restaurant because he doesn’t see anything special in Tonkatsu. One night he makes a late night delivery for a regular and gets his first clubbing experience as a reward. Inside, he meets another regular, sees a pretty girl, and has an epiphany via a professional DK session.

You see, the BPM of the music, the sound effects, the precision and the focus of the DJ are all the same as his father and life in the restaurant. Inspired by this new sense of pride, Agetarou returns home to become the best Tonkatsu/DJ ever.

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TDJA is student quality animation that I’ve never seen in anime form before. It’s raw and unapologetically ugly, yet charming and the crudeness really carries each character’s sense of joy for life. The dialog, especially the Engrish, is quirky and comedically well timed too.

TDJA also highlights un-cool jobs and, because everyone is happy and nice to each other, I really got the sense that the show was trying to make a positive statement about it. Agetarou’s wingman in the club is the restaurant’s moist towelette account rep for example.

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Spring ’16 is the season for surprisingly good short format anime. If you are looking for something truly unique, and you’ve got 9 minutes to spare, TDJA will not do you wrong.

…Creepy-looking giant African-American DJ and oddly sexual use of mixing equipment be damned!