Love Lab – 10


The other council members try to give Sayo a makeover. Sayo’s boyfriend Yamazaki Yuu narrates the story of how he met her in elementary school, where her aloof personality and strength won him over. Suzu tells the story of why her siblings are wearing dog ears in an old photo taken with her. Later we follow Suzu on a typical school day, offering commentary on Sayo, Eno, Maki and Riko.

After the last two weeks focused on a single main story, this was a bit of a tuna noodle casserole of an episode; by that we mean it was made up of many smaller disparate parts that, if served separately, wouldn’t quite be enough for a whole meal. Unlike a casserole, we’re not sure the whole is worth the sum of the parts, as some parts outperformed others, and there wasn’t much rhyme or reason to their ordering.

Eno’s interactions with her NEET brother weren’t that interesting, and the “Suzu’s Day”, while admirable for trying to show us things from her perspective, didn’t really show us anything new. On the other hand her flashback with her doting brother and sister was surprisingly charming. But the star ingredient in this dish was Sayo’s flashback as told by Yuu, in which we get to see a pint-size Sayo who is no less tough, resolute, and shrewd as her present-day self.

Rating: 6 (Good)