Freezing – First Impressions

After a few minutes of Freezing I was immediately reminded at first of Chrome Shelled Regios – what with all the shapely warrioresses and the sudden downpour of terminology (Nova clashes, carnivals, pandoras, limiters, Eringbar Sets, etc.) But while it’s tarted up with lots of terms, Freezing is fairly easy to get: there’s an Angel-like implacable alien foe (the Nova) that’s invading earth, and it’s up to pandoras (genetically and bionically-enhanced high school girls) and limiters (their male underclassman partners) to defeat them.

Freezing does a good job stuffing lots of bloody, exciting battles with an introduction to this world and its systems. It shows that pandoras endure a lot of physical and mental suffering to gain their superhuman advantages. Sometimes this means lost limbs and slit throats, sometimes its lost tops (this show is right on the edge with the service, with more boob shots inserted for no practical purpose). But there’s no negotiating with the enemy, so if humans are to survive, they must soup themselves up and steel their psyches.

Of course, like us, the male protagonist Aoi is being exposed to all this for the first time, as he has just enrolled in “Genetics”, the training facility where pandoras and limiters are made and fight one another for rank. Aoi’s older sister defeated a Nova (at the cost of her life), but when he spots the school’s top-ranked fighter (Bridgette Satellizer…porn name much?), he thinks she’s resurrected and immediately gropes her. Well, the kid’s new, anyway. None of the characters stand out much, but one thing’s certain, Freezing will provide epic action with a healthy dollop of ecchi mixed in. Animation, lighting, and soundtrack were all above par. I could watch this stuff all day. Rating: 3.5