Black Rock Shooter – 07

Mato is still trapped inside Black Rock Shooter, and Saya’s attempt to use Black Gold Saw to reach her fails. Yuu decides she’ll give it a try, communicating with Black Rock Shooter via her counterpart, Strength. But in the middle of their battle, Strength talks. As it turns out, Koutari Yuu switched places with Strength just before Strength was killed, so that Yuu could escape reality. Mato also realizes she has been running away by never opening up to people. When it’s announced Mato is missing, Yomi stops forgetting her, and Dead Master starts to awaken…

With just one episode left to wrap things up, this week set out to explain a little more about what the heck’s going on with this alternate world where girls kick each others asses literally. It turns out the world was created by those girls, as a physical means for their pain to be expressed. Their counterparts are supposed to lack emotions, and fight each other purely by instinct, fueled by the suffering of the girls in reality (we had no idea Japanese schoolgirls had it so tough). We kinda figured this was what was going down, but the reiteration was comforting.

We were treated to more deliciously over-the-top battle sequences in which Black Rock Shooter and Yuu bounce off each other and deliver sick bullet rain and some creative chiropractic. When Yuu, who it turns out is the bad-ass version (Strength is in the real world, which explains a few things) suddenly opens her mouth and speaks, it’s pretty surprising, as no one in the otherworld had yet spoken. In any case, Mato is in a bad way; still unable to escape Black Rock Shooter. It looks like it will be all up to Yomi to bust her out of there.

Rating: 3


Black Rock Shooter – 06

Black Rock Shooter duels with Black Gold Saw as Strength drags Dead Master away. Yomi wakes up feeling much better, but when Mato doesn’t regain consciousness, Yuu panics and visits Saya for help. Saya tries to reach Mato through Black Gold Saw, but Black Rock Shooter only attacks her. Saya tells Yuu the story of a girl she was friends with (who looks just like Yuu) who first told her about the “other her” who took the brunt of the pain from her life. Strength saves Black Gold Saw and pummels Black Rock Shooter.

The two worlds cross over more than ever this week, with normal selves inhabiting their warriorlike counterparts to achieve various goals. Mato wants to save Yomi from despair, and it would seem she was successful, but she got lost in Black Rock Shooter as a result. Yuu, who put her up to this and used her power to send her to the other world, naturally feels guilty. As for Saya, her antagonistic, even sadist attitude from previous episodes fade away as she recounts her story of an outcast girl who had a really awful life, but whom she promised to protect at any cost.

Which brings us to this girl she knew in high school, whose name is Yuu. Like Mato’s friend Yuu. They look and sound alike. We can only surmise they’re the same Yuu. Is Mato fuzzy about her memories with Yuu because Yuu is something more or less than a regular girl? She appears to be the same age as the Yuu Saya befriended, so it’s likely she’s just different. Yomi seems more cheerful, which pisses off Kagari, and she even deletes all her messages to/from Mato. Perhaps Mato took Yuu’s place as a forgotten friend who took her pain away? We have to be honest: it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, and we kind of feel silly for obsess about it too much.

Rating: 3.5