Moretsu Pirates – 05

Marika has the Odette II shorten its course, and their opponent begins hacking their dummy systems. When Lynn launches a counter-cyberattack on the ship – called the ‘Lightning 11’ – it shuts down all its systems and starts firing shots from a beam cannon at the Odette II. Seeing that they’re using their eyeballs to target, Marika has the ships sail’s concentrate the sunlight of Tau Ceti into one massive beam of their own, which blinds them. Reinforcements arrive: the Bentenmaru, Stellar navy escorts and a second pirate ship, the Barbalusa, which Chiaki announces his her father’s ship. Her cruise successful, Marika agrees to become captain of the Bentenmaru.

Marika proves herself to everyone that she’s skipper material by making confident decisions, sticking with them, and thinking outside the box to defeat her foe, whom she and the yacht club believed was a legitimate threat. While there’s a bit of space battle eye candy in this episode, we witness the lion’s share of the  battle from the bridge, on console readouts and schematics and alarms. The ship is alive with activity, and the reports and commands fly rapidly. It’s all about the procedure, the process, and the details – the real nitty-gritty of running a ship under duress. Weapons finally come into the equation, but the electronic warfare and solar sails werewhat proved decisive. Great use of strategy, tactics, and resourcefulness.

We now also learn that Chiaki Kurihara isn’t just someone Marika met by chance who’ll serve under her command on the Bentenmaru. No, Chiaki is also a pirate’s daughter (though hers is still alive); which makes her and Marika potential allies, rivals, even foes, depending on what paths they take. And  so concludes the five-episode arc in which Marika shows not only her observers but herself that She Can Do This, and in which she makes her decision to take her father’s chair, was very well-orchestrated, and offered what we hope will only be a taste of the adventures to come. Next week we board the Bentenmaru and meet the rest of her crew. Should be fun.

Rating: 4