Anitore! XX – 01 (First Impressions)


The Gist: 5 generic girl-types in skimpy clothes prance around talking to the viewer, who doesn’t talk back. A mouse digs into one girls boobs, another girl does leg splits in front of us, there’s a 8th grade syndromer, and a clutz with big boobs and glasses. Also, a white haired girl on a mover board.

While the first person perspective participatory role of the viewer is interesting, there’s nothing novel about Anitore! XX. It’s just tame ecchi with blushing girls showing their stomaches and making cute noises. It’s not even clear what the plot is from the episode, since no one bothers to explain what is going on and there’s no twist or reveal.

While the art style is serviceable, and the angles are actually creative, you have so many cuter or raunchier shows available. Add on that this is a short format (4 minute run length) show and there is no reason to expect anything to develop during the season either.