Free! – 04


When it gets warm enough to swim outside, the Iwatobi Swim Club starts their training regimen, with the priority of teaching Rei how to swim. Nagisa and Makoto try to teach him the breatstroke and backstroke, but he sinks like a stone. They go shopping for swimsuits, and Haruka bumps into Rin, who tells him he “can’t move on” until he and Haruka have a proper race. Haruka agrees, but only if Rin doesn’t cry when he loses. Newly motivated, Haruka tries teaching Rei free, to no avail. But on the last day he has, Rei finds he’s able to swim with the one style he hadn’t yet attempted: butterfly.

Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration

Amakata-sensei uses this famous Edison quote this week, and the whole episode is imbued with that age-old question of hard work vs. talent; artificial effort vs. natural ability. In the midst of the Iwatobi club’s concerted, seven-day effort to train Rei to actually swim so they’re not immediately eliminated at the regional tournament, the series elaborates on the source of Rin’s angst. It would seem that Haruka possesses more raw talent than Rin, which has always hung over Rin’s head throughout his development. He wants to be an Olympic swimmer, but won’t be able to make that leap without proving to himself he can beat Haruka in a fair race when they’re both in peak condition.

What irks him is, Haruka isn’t in peak condition. While he can’t let past losses go, Haruka is weary of grabbing on to them in the first place. But when Rin finally confronts him and they talk, Haruka gets it, and implies he’ll put more effort into things. Meanwhile, we never see precisely what (if anything) Haruka says to Rei, but he still seems to have an effect on him, to the point he finally figures swimming out. Gou believes her brother can better achieve his dreams if Haruka and friends help him out by swimming with him. She’s hoping all that perspiration will lead to the spark of inspiration he needs.

Rating: 8 

Stray Observations:

  • Gou may have given up correcting Nagisa. Hooray!
  • Among the awesome little KyoAni moments in this episode: an impeccably-animated kitten; a litle bit of spray hitting Gou when Haruka dives in; a line of ants by the side of the pool, and the butterflies that land on Haruka, possibly inspiring Rei to try that style.
  • Continuing its trend of reversing typical anime gender roles, the boys go shopping this week and try on swimsuits so long, Gou gets bored. And no, Gou doesn’t try anything on.
  • When Rin pins Haruka to the fence to insist he swim “for him,” their brief, tense closeness reminded us of Chitanda and Oreki’s many close encounters in Hyouka.