Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam – 15.5

Dio and Alvis, still on the run from persuers, take a breather in an abandoned town, and reminisce on the past, in the form of a recap of the original Last Exile series.

First of all, it was nice to see Claus and Lavie and young Dio and Alvis. It was also pretty sweet to catch a glimpse of the older Claus and Lavie, still together. Priceless. Still, there was little new material here, so we won’t give it a rating.

We understand that some of the audience of Ginyoku no Fam may not have seen the first series, hence the need for this quick precis. Suffice it to say, the sequel has a job for Alvis to do, and Dio has sworn to protect her no matter the cost.

(No Rating) 

Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam – 10

Vincent Alzey arrives to forge an alliance between Anatoray and Turan, bringing Alvis Hamilton along with him. The post-alliance festivities are crashed by a Federation fleet under Luscinia’s command. He has Lilliana with him, and she declares that Turan has made peace with Ades. She takes Millia’s fleet from her, and when Millia and the Sylvius refuse to surrender, she attack them with it. Meanwhile, Kartoffel is attacked by another fleet. Guild members board the ship and disable the engines. Dio holds one at bay while Fam and Gisey escape with Millia, and they head to the Glacies border, pursued by federation vanships.

This week things turn sour right quick, and Millia shows what’s she’s truly made of by refusing to submit to her sister. This is the first we’ve seen of Lilliana since an Exile fell on Turan’s capital. Fam believes Lilly could be being controlled by Luscinia somehow, but Millia doesn’t think that’s the case: Lilly is acting of her own accord, doing what she feels is best for Turan and the world. But Millia won’t kowtow to the Federation. She’d rather fight, and we can’t blame her; Ades proved in the first episode that they can’t be trusted.

This won’t be easy. The Sylvius is crippled from within and dead in the water, the Urbanus has fled, and the sky pirates have been ambushed. Worst of all, the fleet Fam and Gisey worked so hard to capture for Millia is now under Lilly’s command. Seeing the Turanian soldiers shift their allegience to Lilly so easily and witnessing that fleet turn on Millia is heartbreaking to watch. It looks like Fam, Gisey, and Millia have little choice but to go over to Glacies and hope they’re not in a shooty mood.

Rating: 4