Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season 9

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Well, mostly. Sawako finally summons the balls to confess to Kazehaya relatively properly. Of course, he wouldn’t be Kazehaya if he didn’t say something that frikkin ruins everything before she can get a word in edgewise; he doesn’t disappoint here. “No matter what you say, my feelings won’t change” is just an awful line to say when a girl who isn’t sure about your feelings for her is trying to confess. Boy need to shaddap.

Worse, the awfully-drawn ginger classmate barges in, tearing the embracing couple apart before Kazehaya can respond. So there’s mutual bliss between Sawako and Kazehaya – for a grand total of sixty seconds. For an episode that was pretty much all about this, you’d think they would both be able to confess to one another and fully understand each other’s intentions, if that’s ever possible. This is nothing new; the series has always milked moments like these; but the barging-in-friend is so done to death it felt utterly cheap and tacky here.

It’s kind of a cop-out to put these two together and start making progress and then yank them away for no good reason: that is, not because of anything either one of them said or did, but rather some stupid extra. If anything else had happened in this episode, it would’ve been less jarring, but again, the confession was prety much it. Pin devolved back to his obnoxious self, and no one else had any lines of note. So this seems like a wasted opportunity. I already hated that ginger kid who barged in; now I loathe him. Rating: 3.5