Sket Dance 11

With this episode, Sket Dance is the third series to go with a cooking story, joining Blue Exorcist and Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko (though not including Hanasaku Iroha, since that’s a show about an inn and food is an intregal part of it.) In this case, it’s a huge and rather silly challenge that reveals that the tomboyish Himeko is actually really good at housework. I always find it interesting that even teens in Japan consider being good at housework a big plus (at least in the anime world). Being a good housewife a fundamental skill. That isn’t something kids of the same age in America usually look for in girls (or guys, in the case of Toradora).

But while this cooking challenge adds a new feather to Himeko’s cap, it’s still kind of a ridiculous situation. For one thing, it’s being held in what seems to be an Olympic stadium, packed to the gills. I’m sure this is for dramatic effect, or perhaps all the POV characters are hallucinating. Anyway, this is a strict Student Council vs. Sket-dan challenge, which involves all manner of skills. It’s complete with your typical TV commentator along with two very distracting Mascot Girls who end every sentence with the suffix “biba-ge”

This is also Sket-dan’s first two-parter, as the challenge jsut ends halfway into the second challenge, a combat duel between the Samurai dude and Tsubaki. At one point I knew this story wouldn’t end this week, but I didn’t understand why it had to continue, and wasn’t simply wrapped up. What are the stakes? Interestingly, not the existence of the Sket-dan. Just a “3” mouth for the fat girl’s phone’s avatar. Now if that isn’t totally random and inconsequential, I don’t know what is. Rating: 3