Congratulations, Tokyo!


We feel a belated but hearty Omedetou gozaimasu is in order for our Japanese friends, as Tokyo was chosen to host the Games of the XXXII Olympiad in the year 2020 (thus proving Akira right, at least about the Olympics). They won out over Istanbul and Madrid (and commiserations to our Turkish and Spanish friends as well.) When they take place it will have been 56 years since the Summer Games were last played there in 1964, and it’s encouraging to hear that many of those same venues will be reused for the 2020 Games.

Japan has been providing us with superior animated entertainment (as well as food, music, architecture, mythology, cars, and much more) for many years, and we’re genuinely excited to see how they’ll do (though we’re probably as miffed as they are there won’t be any Olympic baseball!) We have quite a few years until they take place, by which time we’ll hopefully have enough cash saved up to visit as the Games draw nearer. Until then, congrats again to Tokyo and our Japanese friends. We’ll crack open a bottle of Asahi Super Dry to your victory!