High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World! – 02 and 03

In need of money, the prodigies deploy their merchant and ninja to the neighboring city. No surprise, the city happens to be squeezed by an evil merchant who’s monopoly does not provide $200 when you pass GO. No surprise, this presents no obstacle to Merchant, who’s use of mayonnaise and consignment-based trade deals quickly turns the tides in team genius’ favor. Though it takes an unnecessary cliffhanger and loli-cat-slave-girl purchase to complete!

Meanwhile, Elm village now has aluminum tools, plumbing, and even a public bath. BEWBES! Also the mayor and his hunting party are attacked by ‘the Chief,’ who looks something like a bear and a pile of rocks. Then evil knights show up and burn down the village. BUT NO ONE IS HURT!

If Choyoyu! were an office lunch, it would be 7 sandwiches from a corporate food service fulfillment center. Like each sandwich, the each cast member is different, theoretically adding variety. However, I have never witnessed anyone willingly eat the tuna-salad option, nor does anyone really enjoy soggy bread and from the factory meat slices. Samurai and Doctor-chan are like tuna-sandwiches, having no impact beyond ‘I am also soggy and sitting on this plate’ and the rest of the cast does not fare better.

While I was momentarily interested by the idea that all religion has been banned in this alternative world, by a survival of the fittest empire and possibly in response to the last time 7 heroes visited… that same empire is stocked with generically pure evil, shallow villains. Peasants commit treason simply by acquiring gold, for example, is just beyond silly as evil excuses go.

Also, liquid oxygen is typically-361.8°F. So yeah. Not a good idea to inject into an injured person’s body. Great job on the medical science side of things too.

High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World! – 01 (First Impressions)

The seven best people in the world are Japanese high school students, which Choyoyu! desperately tries to sell us via 5 minutes of contrived intro cards before plunging said prodigies into another world via plain crash. Shortly there after, an elf french-kiss-feeds the first boy to awaken so goat milk stew. As prime minister of Japan, he takes it in stride.

Still desperate, Choyoyu! flashes forward a month to the prodigies all physically recovered and integrating into the elf-and-beastman town. Except the dialog feels like ‘we just arrived’ dialog, swerving awkwardly from exposition about seven heroes of fabled legend, to the introduction of mayo into the fantasy realm. Then the evil knights show up and are quickly defeated.

As the fourth Isekai to air this season, Choyoyu! had a stiff competition for eyeballs. Between the low energy cast, lower shelf visual style, and loveless story construction, it doesn’t have much going for it. At least the cast has working cell phones. And a nuke. So I guess that may turn into something later down the line?