The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague – 01 – Baby It’s Lukewarm Outside

Fuyutsuki is a cool beauty who lives with her cat. On her way to her first day at her new office job, she encounters a handsome fellow with silver hair; his legs frozen in a block of ice of his own making. His name is Himuro, and he’s descended from a yuki-onna.

When pouring her hot tea on the ice doesn’t break it, Fuyutsuki offers some tea for him Himuro to drink, and combined with the cherry blossoms, he calms down enough that the ice cracks. He thanks her and they go their separate ways, each of them charmed by their encounter.

Of course, that’s not the last time they meet, or there’d be no show! They meet again immediately, as they’re employees at the same office—their desks are even adjacent. Neither of them mind this arrangement.

One of their co-workers is descended from a fox spirit, and sprouts ears and a tail when excited. Himuro, meanwhile, causes a little mini-snowstorm in the office every time he gets fired up or blushes over Fuyutsuki. Unfortunately, the gimmick grows a little repetitive as the episode goes on.

While it’s competently made, features decent character designs (I particularly dig the leads’ eye colors), a cute kitty, and Ishikawa Yui, Ice Guy ultimately lacked sufficient energy and verve to propel me to keep watching. To be brutally honest, it was just a bit dull.


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