Hagure Yuusha no Estetica – 01

Ousawa Akatsuki is returning to the normal world after a long stint as a “hero maverick” in another dimension, after having defeated the Demon King Garinth. He has brought with him the daughter of Garinth, Myuu, who he passes off as his long-lost little sister as they undergo preliminary exams at Babel, a school that helps Akaksuki and other victims of “Samon Syndrome” polish and control the powers they gained in the other dimension. The student council president, Hikami Kyouya, takes an interestin both, as a prophecy states Ousawa will rise to become “True Hero” and “Supreme King.”

The concept of ordinary people who are transported to other dimensions and take on the persona of epic heroes, only to return to earth with the same powers – is not a terrible one. Where this series really falls flat on its face is in the execution, right from the start. An initially interesting-looking chase scene at the beginning ends with the hero relieving all his attackers (all maids, natch) of their bras, instantly eliminating any and all dignity and solemnity. Har har.

Visually speaking, the character design is dull, and many scenes are over-saturated or washed out by light, obscuring faces and details. The choice to mention and show Myuu’s boobs – purely for the sake of mentioning and showing her boobs – leads us to predict that future episodes will expand on this topic…and like Akatsuki’s cocky playa attitude and his albino rival Kyouya’s evil grins, we see that getting old fast.

Rating: 4 (Fair) (dropped)

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