Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai – 01

Horny-ass high-schooler Kaga “ERO-suke” Ryousuke invites the sexy grim reaper Lisara into his home, where she contracts with him, using his ‘ERO-energy’ to defeat demonic tendrilled beast, destroys his home, and tells him he has three months to live.

Yeah…we believe we’ll be passing on this. It’s not a bad-looking anime by any stretch – the action scenes in particular are very well done – but nothing else about it has any promise, most critically the tiresome protagonist. Everything this kid says is completely ridiculous, and not in a funny or ironic way. Watching him yell and whine makes our heads hurt (as does listening to the vapid ED).

This show tries to hint that it’s aware how dumb it is, even going so far as to make Lisara say she knows her story is cliche’d. We’re not buying it; this show isn’t being intentionally bad with a tongue in its cheek, it’s just bad. We understand how this got through board meetings: boobs and explosions sell. But if it’s all the same to them, we’ll take our business elsewhere.

Rating: 2 (Awful) (dropped)

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