Arcana Famiglia – 01

The European island of Regalo is protected by the Arcana Famiglia, an organization made up of members who take on the powers of various tarot cards. Their “Papa”, or leader, Mondo, wants to retire, and cals for a “Arcana Duello” to pick his replacement. The winner will not only have one wish granted, but also marry his daughter, Felicita, who isn’t happy with the arrangement.

The first full episode of the summer 2012 season we’ve watched, and we weren’t exactly inspired. Arcana Famiglia’s opener left us feeling a little indifferent. It wasn’t awful, but nothing really stood out as exceptional or even novel, either. With such a flowery name and the use of the word “Arcana”, we were expecting a darker, more whimsical setting and presentation. Something like Soul Eater, or Blue Exorcist: grand architecture in a gorgeous setting. We didn’t get that. Instead we got an introduction to about dozen characters, most of whom had pretty dull designs and personalities to match.

They spend most of the episode explaining their powers to one another. Each character is tied to a certain tarot card that defines their power. We know these explanations are for our benefit, but it didn’t make sense why they were talking to each other about it, considering they’re virtually family. The love triangle between the yin guy, the yang guy, and the girl who doesn’t like dresses and loves kicking people isn’t all that encouraging either. What little action there was was plodding and unoriginal. We’re going to have to pass on this one.

Rating: 4 (Fair) (dropped)

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