High School of the Dead – Thru 8

Yeah, High School has gotten increasingly hard to watch since the whole group of surviving characters formed one big team, so I’m dropping it with five episodes to go. Adding a whiny kid really was not the best move, quite frankly. At least half of the last few episodes’ running time is completely pointless service that’s frankly just silly due to the extreme exaggeration of the character design. I suppose not-so-suddenly, what I thought would be a zombie anime with fanservice turned out to be a fanservice anime with zombies.

Maybe that’s the point, and it’s meant to be tongue-in-cheek ridiculous, but it’s trying my patience; these characters shouldn’t have time to be lounging around naked when most of the earth’s human population is now zombies. Part of the time, sure, but not half the time. It also doesn’t make sense that nearly all of them have ridiculously excellent combat skills. And a Hummer as a post-apocalyptic mobile base may seem enticing, but what happens when the 8,000-lb behemoth inevitably (and quickly) runs out of gas?

Finally, after eight episodes and not a single character taken by the undead, the zombies don’t seem so much an implacable foe as a bumbling annoyance. This show started good when there was the actual promise of danger, but the cast has had it way too easy so far. Don’t get me wrong, H.O.T.D. has its pros: great atmospheric scenery, above-average music, and a couple likable characters…but there’s been too many boobs and too little peril, and my patience has run out. I’m not really interested in what happens in the last five episodes. Rating: 2

High School of the Dead – First Impressions

Things turn bloody real fast in High School of the Dead. Which I appreciate; it gets right to the point: the characters are fighting for their lives from the get-go.  It’s pretty harsh, seeing all this carnage take place in such a gorgeous tranquil setting. I also appreciated the little details, like a girl’s ‘best friend’ suddenly changing her tune, or cherry blossom petals falling into pools of blood. Good stuff. Things could also get interesting considering the major shift in character relationships just in this first ep. The main thing holding this back was five or six or seven pantyshots too many, but I can forgive that since it also delivered taut, fast-paced action and a real bleak, nasty atmosphere. Rating: 3

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