Vampire Holmes – 01 (First Impressions)


Holmes, a detective who is also a vampire but not particularly good at either of those things, solves mysteries in period London. Watson, who is human, finds him moderately annoying and lazy.

It’s a three-minute comedy that pokes fun at detective stories and the morose drama of vampire shows. Except, like Holmes himself, it’s kinda lazy about it…


You may enjoy it: if you have three minutes to kill. Alternatively, pretend that Holmes is a can of soda or it’s a commercial for Geico or something. In that context, the show is slightly more purposeful.

But really, like all short format shows, what’s to lose by watching the first episode?


If you don’t have three minutes to kill or think having to imagine the show is about something it is not about is a stupid exercise, just skip it. I smirked. It’s harmless. It’s exactly what it is: a pitch that had enough energy for a single normal episode, and thus it was plausible to segment it into a season long run of three minute jokes.


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