Sankarea – 02

Furuya continues to experiment on the proper potion to revive Baabu, and Rea assists him. She narrates her controlling father and him abnormal relationship with her, which includes taking nude pictures of her every year. When she heeds her friend’s advice to tell him to stop, he makes that friend’s father transfer far away. Rea suggests they use Hydrangea, which doesn’t seem to work on Baabu, and they go home. Her father catches her, and promises she’ll never leave the house again. When Ranko opens Furuya’s box, a reanimated Baabu soars out into the night. Locked in her room, Rea drinks a portion of the potion she reserved for herself.

Between her Drunkard Ice Queen mom and her TOTAL CREEPER dad, it’s a wonder Sanka Rea is as well-adjusted as she is. Imagine every aspect of your life being under a microscope, and anyone you get close to disappearing if they don’t meet his approval. And then there’s the pictures. This father is no doctor and these are no clinical documents: he dresses her up in skimpy costumes. This is SO wrong, even the totally isolated and naive Rea knew deep down it was wrong, and her friend Nakadai only confirmed it. But now Nakadai is gone and Rea has no other friends, except for Furuya. And her father would never approve of him, anymore than he’s approve of her seeing a greaser.

First, he’s a guy; second, he’s poor; and third, well, he’s trying to re-animate his cat (though that’s frankly not nearly as bad as taking nude pics of your daughter; it’s not even in the same time zone). When she sneaks home from meeting with this boy – with a limp, no less – he brings down the hammer – no more leaving the house for her! Though we no doubt suspect she and Furuya will meet again. And then there’s that little matter of the potion working. If it brought Baabu back, what will it do to her?

Rating: 7 (Very Good)

Sankarea – 01

Furuya Chihiro is the son of a widowed priest who lives on temple grounds with his little sister, father, and grandpa. He’s always had a fascination with zombie romance. When his cat Baabu is hit by a car, he tries to resurrect it by following a mysterious old book he found. He does this in an abandoned resort, the same place where the troubled Sanka Rea – daughter of the rich and powerful Sanka family – comes to scream her heart out into a well. When she detects him watching her, she promises to do anything in exchange for his discretion. When he jokingly asks her to be his test subject for the resurrection drug, then admits he only likes zombie girls, she agrees to become his zombie…

We like ourselves nice and simple yet novel and quirky stories, and we have one right here. A kid with an interesting family situation has an even more interesting proclivity. He doesn’t just like zombies…he loves them. Does it matter why? Not really. Suffice it to say this kid is weird, and any normal high school girl would totally lose it when he shows her his dead-for-days cat he’s trying to bring back to life. She may even call the cops on him. But not the titular Sanka Rea. She’s not normal. Her father takes nude pictures of her to document her growth. She hates her entitled but strict and sheltered life, and wants a new one, so she understands Furuya. She doesn’t even flinch at his venture – she even pets his damn dead cat.

The somewhat messed-up yet oddly endearing relationship between Furuya and Sanka is the core of this episode. Furuya seems a shy fella (his half-year-older cousin loves to tease him with her bod, in one of the less endearing scenes of the episode), but he’s also aware of how pure and unblemished by the trials of society this girl is, and as such, is a lot more comfortable talking to her. He lays it all out: his fetish, what he’s doing with his cat; what he’d kinda sorta want to do to her (make her a zombie); all of it honest without any beating around the bush. Here I am; take it or…run away screaming. And much to his surprise, Sanka still likes him…and in the somewhat confusing ending, she actually becomes a zombie, entrails leaking out and everything. Furuya just got what he wished for. We’ll see if he can handle it!

Rating: 7 (Very Good)