Heroman – First Impressions

Rundown: A meshing of Bones’s vivid style with Marvel-style hero story. Downtrodden kid fixes robot; lightning storm brings Robot to life; with robot’s help, kid saves his would-be girlfriend. Meanwhile, kid’s professor friend successfully makes contact with aliens, but said aliens are evil. And Stan Lee has a cameo.

RahXephon was enjoyable, as was Fullmetal Alchemist. Darker than Black and its sequel were cool, noiry escapades. Eureka Seven was stylish and fun, but its protagonist was really annoying. And Soul Eater’s manic animation and bawdy comedy were a breath of fresh air, but got too serious at times and didn’t end well. Daughter of Twenty Thieves had one of the best first arcs around, but its ending was simply horrific. Heroman continues the style and great music of all these series, but in its first outing, comes up short in the substance department. So far, dumb, but fun and watchable due to its technical merits.

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