Cheating Craft – 02


The Gist: L-type and C-type students go at each other and then the teacher to win their way through the school entrance exam. Body doubles, poison bees, copy-cat pingpong balls, and even micro-slicing a paper in half to repeat the answers, this show shows a ton of clever cheating and anti-cheating tricks of it’s world.

Unfortunately, that’s all it shows.

Verdict: While I got a many chuckles out of the episode, it was equal parts visual gags and technique-names, with no meaningful character development, no memorable music, and a snails crawl plot. The sound design was good at least but, at the end of the day, this is not the kind of show that leaves much room for a review.

Dropped… but:


Cheating Craft – 01 (First Impressions)


This C-Type fights to protect his L-Type with a tranq-pen…

The Gist: in a world where a single test, the National Special-Level University Exam of Fate, dictates a person’s entire life status, there are two types of students: L-Types who’s learning power and expensive training regimens lets them pass the test and C-Types who use equally expensive means to cheat their way through.

This story will involve a boy named Shokatsu Mumei and a girl named Ou Koi, who are apparently trying to pass the test to have their father released from prison. However, for most of this episodes twelve minute run time, we get to see the story of other boys passing or failing the test.

Roll… credits?


You may enjoy Cheating Craft because it has a great sense of humor and is merciless satire of all things testing. It’s short and to the point and the narration really works to set the stage. even if I have no idea what the stage is set to do.

It’s probably okay to skip Cheating Craft because it’s a relatively silly concept for a show and only last 12 minutes. It basically doesn’t introduce any characters or meaningfully set up their circumstances. It’s also doubtful that the characters will develop into anything, given the shows apparent hard-core focus on satire.

It’s also not much of a looker either…

Oji’s Verdict: I’m sticking with Cheater Craft for now because the subject matter is pretty novel and, so far, I’ve enjoyed the humor.

It is over the top in all the right ways. For goodness sakes, its so totally not afraid that it tells us 2 characters we haven’t even met yet are going to be love interests!


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