Kaitou Joker – 01


To be truly fair, KJ is a kids’ show and absolutely not intended for me as an audience. In that, it’s silly, slap-stick, and over the top. When taken in that context, it’s a bubbly romp that feels somewhere between Lupin the 3rd, Inspector Gadget and Dark Wing Duck.

To be completely unfair, it’s awful and poorly timed with Kaitou 1412, an adolescent yet-still-more-adult show that is also about a masked magician thief. It’s comparatively deformed, simplistic and grating.


KJ looks like it will be a crime-an-arc formula show, where each crime will be initiated with a challenge letter to the police and the owner of the soon to be stolen item.

Episode one introduces us to Joker and, eventually, his ninja side kick. We also meet the police, who are bumbling and shouty. Suffice it to say, their interactions are straight forward — adversarial, but also playful.

Nothing here for me though. Moving on…


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