Loving Yamada at Lv999 – 08 – Kidding Not Kidding

Not long after Akane arrives at Yamada’s high school cultural festival, Runa clings to her like a kid to her mom. All the hustle and bustle is a bit much for the little princess, especially since she’s taking the entrance exam to enroll there next year.

After escorting Runa to the bathroom with a stomachache (though we later learn she’s is just hungry) Akane spots Yamada, but his attention is elsewhere. However, he later surprises her by appearing before her, and Tsubaki gets her first look at Akane.

It becomes immediately apparent that Yamada is the school idol, as he’s absolutely hounded by girls throughout his and Akane’s walk down the hall. Akane feels a fusillade of daggers as the whispers fly; when she tells one of his jock teachers that she’s a college student, the first years are in an uproar about him being into older women.

While outside, Eita jokes that if everyone is going to assume they’re a couple when they’re together, they might as well just start dating, right? In his deadpan way Yamada assents, but Akane’s reaction—getting flusterd and running off—isn’t like anything either of them expected.

While running through the hall wondering what’s wrong with her, Akane runs into Tsubaki, who scolds her for running in the hall. But when Yamada shows up in pursuit, Akane takes off again. Yamada calls her by her first name, stopping her in her tracks, but once again a large crowd soon forms around them.

Akane grabs Yamada and takes him to a more private spot, where he apologizes for joking around. Akane assures him she’s not mad, just a little embarrassed; when he learns she’s not mad, his smile throws her off guard. Akane then goes for broke, asking him how he’d feel if they actually were dating…before saying “just kidding”.

But Yamada carefully considers the question and doesn’t let her just dismiss it. He tells her it would be an honor to date her, but reveals that the main reason he hadn’t given it much thought is that he considered her an “unattainable prize”.

Akane may be a bit of a mess in many ways, but she’s also an extremely warm and kind person who is also often far too self-critical. I’m glad his general thoughts on the matter are now known to Akane. It feels like he air was cleared and they were on the same wavelength. Hopefully their progress will continue as they continue to come to understand each other better.

Rating: 4/5 Stars


Author: sesameacrylic

Zane Kalish is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

One thought on “Loving Yamada at Lv999 – 08 – Kidding Not Kidding”

  1. Wonderful episode. Madman did a great job creating the tension enveloping Akane during her visit to Yamada’s school.

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