Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story – 20 – Rain of Blessings

When we check in with Aoi, she’s got some catching up to do to have a chance to catch up to the Prize Queen Shikishima Reika. Amane recalls her early days as Aoi’s caddie, when she asked her if it was hard being forced to do it. Aoi simply said yes, they’re forcing her to play a fun game. Now, in order to win that fun game against the top pro in Japan, she’ll have to play nine under par.

Reiya, whom Aoi strongly suspects to be her real father, tells her not to worry about the pressure, but simply have fun out there. Amane, meanwhile, is waiting for their trump card to arrive in the form of a rainstorm that evens the odds. Amane made sure Aoi was prepared to play in the mud.

We watch Aoi’s former opponents, her mother, and her father and Jinguugi watch her on TV as she draws closer and closer to Reika. Thanks to the state of the greens due to the rain, not only is Reika unable to make par on one hole, she makes a bogey, while Aoi uses her Shining Wings to make up a five-stroke deficit in just two holes, scoring back-to-back eagles.

Not only does the rain arrive when Amane and Aoi need it to, it stops just before play is suspended by the stewards, which closes Reika’s only door to victory: a postponement. On the last hole, Aoi only needs to score a birdie, and she does so. Reika is defeated fair and square, and the 15-year-old high school freshman Amawashi Aoi makes history and becomes a pro.

After Amane give her a big celebratory hug, they enter a gauntlet of interviews, during which Aoi makes sure Amane gets her fair share of credit for the victory. Without her, Aoi would have surely lost, and her goal of becoming a pro set back. As for Reika, she’s not only gracious in defeat, but shows off Aoi’s autograph and declares herself Aoi’s first fan.

That night in their hotel room, Aoi and Amane are exhausted from all the interviews. Aoi informs Amane that everyone on social media thinks the girl in glasses is cute. Aoi also tells Amane that she’s free of her servitude now that she’s a pro. But Amane isn’t ready to part ways with Aoi.

If she really thinks she ruined her life, Amane tells Aoi to take responsibility by hiring her as her personal professional caddie, entitled to 30% of her prize money. Aoi agrees, sealing the deal with a big hug and telling Amane she loves her. Amane was once a servant, but now she’s a true partner in Aoi’s success. Together, they have nowhere to go but up.

Meanwhile, in Scotland, Eve is locked into the European Women’s Open when Ichina reports that Aoi has won and become a pro before her. Eve isn’t discouraged; there’s nothing for it but to become a pro herself and face of against Aoi in a decisive golf battle.

But she has a new challenger breathing down her neck, in the form of her mentor Leo Millafoden’s newest pupil, Aisha Khambatta, who is capable of hitting a ball 280 yards perfectly onto the fairway even in the soupy Scottish fog. Before Eve can get to Aoi, she’ll have to defea Aisha, who has at least one color bullet in her arsenal.


Author: braverade

Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

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