A Couple of Cuckoos – 15 – Alliance of the Engaged

This episode sidesteps the cliffhanger of Hiro wanting to know why both Nagi and Erika called Sachi their sister, and for most of its running time focuses primarily on Nagi and Erika’s time together at the festival, which was encouraged by Nagi’s parents.

Erika’s never experienced a festival like this, and while she tries to pay for goldfish scooping with a credit card (even though she actually has a wad of cash!) it’s clear she’s having hella fun. Even if Nagi would rather be having this date with Hiro, he can’t deny he’s having fun too.

Of course, they’re not having this festival date in a vacuum. Sachi’s friends tease her for having a brother complex, since they peg Nagi as a drab studyholic (pretty close to the mark!). Erika’s InstaStans also notice her at the festival and try to chat her up again.

Nagi doesn’t want to cause a scene by beating them up again, so he grabs Erika and runs until they lose their pursuers. They happen to stop on a pedestrian bridge with a perfect view of the festival fireworks, another first for Erika.

That’s when Hiro shows up, having finally finished the work her family had her doing. She again broaches the topic of them both saying Sachi was their sister, so they take her to a family restaurant to sit her down and tell her the truth: that they were switched at birth, and that they’re now engaged.

Erika worried Hiro would hate them if they told the truth, but Nagi knows her a little better and knows Hiro wouldn’t be like that, and so she isn’t. In fact, as she’s “engaged” herself thanks to pushy parents, she feels a kinship to the two of them. If anything, they’re now closer than ever thanks to this new knowledge.

When Erika suddenly rushes off to buy a gift for Sachi at the festival like she promised, Nagi offers to walk Hiro home, but she says she’ll be fine, and they part ways for the evening…or so Nagi thinks. No sooner does he turn his back than Hiro grabs his sleeve and solemnly tells him: “No more secrets.” With the look Hiro has in her eyes, Nagi can only promise this.

Sachi happens to watch this scene unfold, and suffice it to say she’s not a fan of it. Her brother being engaged to Erika is one thing; Erika is her blood sister, and her parents arranged it. But Nagi being all lovey-dovey with this third girl? That’s something that sticks in Sachi’s craw. That sad, Erika loves Hiro too, so there’s no easy answers for how to simplify or untangle this romantic web.

Author: sesameacrylic

Zane Kalish is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

One thought on “A Couple of Cuckoos – 15 – Alliance of the Engaged”

  1. Some good and some bad. I like the interactions between Nagi, Erika, and Hiro. I have a problem with Sachi though. It’s not that I’m dead set against brother sister romance in anime. Like isekai, the crash into boobs joke, and Tsunderes in general just because it’s been overused doesn’t mean I hate the whole concept and it can be executed well even in the modern day. I mean it’s not like I don’t Mizuto and Yume, even though I feel sorry for poor Isana.

    Sadly I’m not enjoying this. For one thing, it doesn’t start off as mutual. Also, in the first episode, Nagi said nothing was going to change just because he saw his biological parents. While he didn’t know of the marriage scheme his sets of parents arranged for him which did change his life, I’m sure he also meant his relationship with Sachi. The fact that they aren’t related by blood doesn’t really matter to me. It kind of matters in real life (with some exceptions, if you’re curious see the concept of “purging the genetic load” but that’s usually done with selective breeding), but fiction doesn’t really do a good job at depicting genetics anyways. So in anime, it’s relationships that matter more than genetics. I’d actually feel better if Sachi was the kind of little sister who always had an attraction to “onii-chan” and just used this revelation as an excuse to push her feelings harder after episode 1. Basically, if Sachi acted like amnesia Kaede (before she got her memories back) from Rascal Does not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai before the events of the first episode, I might be fine with this. But in the first episode she’s only wishing he won’t leave and that they are quite different. Also if Nagi wasn’t attracted to Sachi until episode 12, he could have just said the blackout kiss he thought Sachi was Erika, which would actually be true, and continue with the “forget it” line. Asdie from me not liking this relationship much, Sachi didn’t do any favors if she was trying to make me like her episode 8. Nagi and Erika did something and she wanted to find out, so she used force. OK, fine that’s just a gag right? And then when he says he’ll tell her, she pulls even harder and demands he addresses her politely. Aside from the fact that Nagi doesn’t want this in a girlfriend, continuing after Nagi agreed to devulge the information makes this gag meaner than a shorter one.

    Also Erika calling Sachi her younger sister is a bit pretentious even if true, if Erika wanted to hide the fact that she and Nagi lived together. Like seriously, unless you want people to know… and her doing things by habit is not really an excuse since she shouldn’t have it as a habit. It’s almost as if the writer barely acknowledges Sachi and Nagi growing up together. Imagine a scenario where Nagi is raised by his Aunt and Uncle who try to marry him off to the daughter of a family friend, that daughter is Erika, and Sachi was Erika’s sister. Then think about how the plot would change. The answer is “not much, aside from a few jokes like this one where Hiro is confused” and you’re right. The who Cuckoos reference is basically forgotten within a few episodes. Interactions between Erika and Sachi should have been more like Episode 4 for awhile. I’m still enjoying the series, but I have some gripes and I feel like they’re throwing their entire premise to waste.

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