TenSura – 39 – The Slime’s Gambit

Amen, Gobta. Gobta is me right now, after enduring another interminable episode packed with people standing or sitting around talking about everything they’re going to do instead of actually doing anything. A full quarter of Slime’s second season’s second cour has been nothing but exposition. When I think of how much To Your Eternity gets done every three episodes, it really puts TenSura’s leisurely start into relief.

I like to see Gobta dozing through the endless talking as a sign even the producers know this is a bit much…but that didn’t stop them from making these episodes! When I go through all of the information I received, I can’t help but think it could have been presented a different way. A cutaway or two to illustrate the scenarios brought up, perhaps? This ain’t rocket science, it’s anime production!

The best part of this episode is when it ended. Yes, it was nice to see Ramiris again, but despite the episode being called “Ramiris’s Warning” Rimuru doesn’t take her warning seriously, and she spends the remaining 90% of the episode lying unconscious on Veldora’s leg.

It’s also downright odd to hear Rimuru cheerfully planning on intentionally causing a civil war in Falmuth that will probably claim the lives of thousands of innocent civilians. That’s some villainous shit, discussed with upbeat music in an idyllic English-style garden. But I won’t mind Rimuru committing any number of further atrocities…if he and his pals would just leave that frikkin’ gazebo and do something!

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Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

2 thoughts on “TenSura – 39 – The Slime’s Gambit”

  1. Ramiris’s entry I thought was genuinely funny, particularly what happened when she meets Valdora. But why Rimuru ignores her didn’t make a lot of sense. Like you I couldn’t see the point of a load of speechifying from a bunch of shady royal human side characters. It seemed like filler to me. The Demon Lord Clayman’s scene however I thought was important. It told us a little of his plans and it showed us despite his meddling and the size of his gang of Majin, he really isn’t a very powerful, or important Demon Lord at all. It also flagged the return of a major player who was curiously absent from the previous season, the Demon Lord Milim. One thing is certain, despite all the declamation, all the pieces in Rimaru’s world are in movement and it’s anybody’s guess where it’s all going to end up.

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