Tensura Nikki: The Slime Diaries – 01

The timing of The Slime Diaries couldn’t be worse. First of all, the first half of the second season just wrapped. I’m eager for the second part of that season, not a look back at events that took place prior to the first part. In addition to being a bit of Rimuru overload, this simply isn’t the Rimuru Tempest we know any more. I mean, (spoilers) the kid just mercilessly slaughtered over ten thousand humans to become a demon god and resurrect what, 30 of his subjects plus Shion?

So yeah, even if I was in the mood for more Rimuru, I’d want to watch the dramatic, emotional, and moral fallout of the choices he made. Alas, those won’t come until part 2, making this look back feel even more awkward and redundant. That is unless you are a fan of Tensura not for its action adventure or drama elements, but for the characters and comedy. This first episode is a bunch of unconnected little vignettes involving those characters with even less stakes than the quieter episodes of the first and early second seasons.

But again, the timing is suspect. This really should have aired between the first and second seasons, before our slimeboy did war crimes and evolved. If I want laid-back isekai this season, I have a fresh face in our botanical buddy Sei—the Saint with the Omnipotent Magic Power—without the baggage. So I won’t be following the The Tensura Diaries.

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Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

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