Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun – 07 – Fall Today, Rise Tomorrow

It’s time for the campaign speeches, and Hinami controls the crowd as expected. Mimimi and Tomozaki are all ready to hit their key demographics when Hinami suddenly steals all their thunder by promising not only an electric ball pump, but A/C for every classroom.

Tomozaki knows they’ve been outmaneuvered by NO NAME, but Yumi and Mimimi still head out there and do their best, with Tomozaki rigging a Siri-like digital assistant that Mimimi can riff off of in order to amuse the crowd. Mimimi steps away from the podium and leaps into her “Brain’s” arms, feeling really good about her chances.

And then, Hinami proceeds to absolutely obliterate her at the polls, 416-131. That’s like a “U.S. House vote declaring puppies are cute” kind of landslide! It again underscores the yawning chasm between first and second place. Tomozaki joins Mimimi for a commiseratory rooftop visit, but Mimimi maintains an “I’ll get her next time” attitude.

Tomozaki isn’t sure whether Mimimi’s putting on a brave face, but at their next debriefing, Hinami expresses her surprise and pride in Tomozaki’s tactics, even if they were ultimately unsuccessful. Here I was ready for Hinami to be cut down to size, but instead her arrogance is rewarded with an easy and convincing win.

She immediately shifts back into helping-Tomozaki mode, presenting him with the task of asking Fuuka (remember her?) out to a movie. It’s a brief scene, and Fuuka already knows the theater where the movie is playing, but to Tomozaki’s credit he fights through the blushing, maintains eye contact, and asks Fuuka out, and she immediately accepts.

That could be one hell of a lovely date to watch, especially as Tomozaki has found he legitimately likes the Andi novels Fuuka loves, and thus will have plenty to talk about. That is…if he doesn’t stand Fuuka up due to an issue arising with Mimimi; namely that she isn’t able to give up trying to beat Hinami.

Aside from her real talk at the playground last week, Mimimi hasn’t really expressed what she really thinks, but it’s obvious she wasn’t prepared to be beaten as soundly as she was in the election, so acting like nothing’s wrong and working herself to the bone is concerning, not just to Tomozaki, but to her friend Tama.

While they watch Hinami and Mimimi practice around the track, Tama tells Tomozaki how Mimimi went to Hinami for advice on how to best approach Tama, back in first year when Tama had no friends. Hinami’s advice was for Mimimi to approach Tama a little bit at a time, even if it was just playfully poking her face.

After school and practice Tomozaki joins the three girls for a trip to the konbini, where they enjoy their usual dynamic. But then episode ends with the foreboding words “But the next day, Mimimi wasn’t quite herself.” I’m curious to see if Tomozaki can apply what he’s learned to “rescue” Mimimi the way she rescued Tama. I’m also preemptively preparing myself emotionally for the possibility that he’ll stand up Fuuka!

Rating: 4/5 Stars

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2 thoughts on “Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun – 07 – Fall Today, Rise Tomorrow”

  1. I find Mimimi to be a much more interesting character than Fuuka, and her and Tomozaki’s interaction in which he mentioned that she was putting a lot of effort into her track practice led to her grilling him to try to get a feel for how close he and Aoi were given he find out about her efforts through Aoi. Fumiya didn’t seem to get it though, just like how he didn’t get that Mimimi was asking him to eat lunch with her until she had already left.

    I think I was right about Mimimi being open to the idea of dating him with everything the show has presented so far with her finding him hilarious, always asking him if he’s going to confess his love to her, and now showing interest in what exactly his relationship with Aoi is as well as inviting him to eat lunch with her.

    I think Tomozaki could have a lot to learn from social interactions by dating Mimimi. He even learned something this episode although he realized that too late. I have learned a lot from this show as someone who struggles with social interaction, and I wouldn’t have known that Mimimi was trying to ask him to eat lunch with her before Tomozaki wondered whether that was the case.

    1. “I find Mimimi to be a much more interesting character than Fuuka” So do I!

      In this Game of Life, Fuuka has been presented as the “lowest-difficulty” of all the various love interests. All Tomozaki had to do was ask and she said yes.

      While a date with Tomozaki and Fuuka would be undoubtedly adorable (which is why I hope we get to see it), a date with Mimimi would be, in the mechanics of the “game”, a higher achievement—and probably just as adorable, and probably more interesting too!

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