DanMachi III – 12 (Fin) – The Hero (and the Status Quo) Returns

As Asterius walks along Daedalus Street in search of the “ultimate adversary” of his dreams, Hermes clarifies his request for the Xenos to “die”. Rather, he’ll need some of them to die by Bell’s hands, so that Bell’s honor and reputation can be restored. Whatever else Hermes is planning, Bell continuing to be the beloved Little Rookie is a big part of it.

Gros and three others decide to acquiesce to Hermes’ request, and make a big show of attacking a square full of civilians and adventurers. With this “stage production”, Hermes is conceding that Ouranos’ desire for humans and monsters to achieve piece was little more than a pipe dream. He just can’t see thousands of years of continuous enmity ever ceasing.

The moment Eina is threatened by Gros (who I believe is being berserk-ified by Asfi), Bell comes between them, and Gros’ inner voice hopes Bell will defeat him before he kills her. But Bell isn’t altogether interested in playing the exact role Hermes laid out for him.

Rather than raise his blade to Gros, he simply puts his arms up and serves as Eina’s human shield. Gros ends up shoving him back. That’s when a frustrated Hermes has Asfi berserk-ify Asterius, who flies at Bell like a bat out of hell and presses a vicious, building-smashing attack.

Bell somehow manages to hang in there, and DanMachi’s Big Battle Theme starts to play as their epic duel carries through the night and into the dawn. Unfortunately, while the battle is quick, brutal, and fun, it also can’t really hold a T to Bell’s duel with Ais. In addition to Ais being easier on the eyes, it was more satisfying on both a thematic and character level.

Asterius’ whole deal is that Bell apparently beat him once, and he wanted another shot at him, and…that’s it. Everyone else allows the battle to unfold without interruption in part due to Ottarl, operating on Freya’s wishes. Asterius ends up delivering a huge defeat to Bell, and even though the battle served a purpose—both to rehabilitate his public image and serve as cover for the Xenos’ escape—Bell is still super upset about losing.

Satisfied that their head-to-head record stands at one win and one loss apiece, Asterius withdraws. We later see his arm is restored, as Fels heals all of the Xenos injuries once they arrive in Knossos. Wiene is happy where she is and not crying over missing Bell, and the Xenos have a new haven in which to survive and maybe even thrive…just separately from humans for the foreseeable future.

I can’t help but be a little disappointed that more effort wasn’t spent trying to move the peace process forward, but at least from Bell’s perspective part of the reason that process failed was he just wasn’t strong enough. Even though he beat Bell, Asterius isn’t standing still, and continues training the moment he’s healed.

Bell too returns to the battlements of the castle where he and Ais have met and trained so many times, and is surprised when she too arrives at that spot, telling him she had a feeling he’d be there. Bell asks Ais once more to teach him how to fight. He wants to become stronger, and their friendship remains strong enough to have survived the recent adversity.

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Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

4 thoughts on “DanMachi III – 12 (Fin) – The Hero (and the Status Quo) Returns”

  1. As usual another ova has just been announced and I guess another series or another movie wont be far off. I’m certainly hoping so anyway.

    1. I found this season just a little less satisfying that season one and two overall. I think I had difficulty identifying with the monsters a bit. Also I thought this season was more Bell-centric than the previous two seasons. Even with those minor cavils its still way better than most fantasy series out there at the moment.

      1. I tend to agree. It’s nice that the introductions of the main players are out of the way (that was season one’s job) but Hestia dealing with Ares and Ishtar in S2 made for overall better action/drama.

        The Xenos question is posed but the fact the humans’ status quo isn’t upended after all was a bit deflating. It didn’t help that only some of the Xenos actually had speaking lines. Lyd seems like a great guy but his CGI model was often distracting.

        S3 also suffered from character bloat, as a lot of time was spent cutting to all of the secondary and tertiary gods/goddesses and their children, but checking in on them didn’t really contribute that much to the story other than “these guys exist”.

        I know all that sounds like I’m a bit down on DanMachi III, but only because the first two seasons set such a high standard. DanMachi remains firmly near the top of my straight fantasy list. This season just wrote some overly ambitious checks it ultimately declined to cash. Better to be ambitious than boring!

      2. I agree with what you are saying here. The Xenos cheques haven’t been cashed yet but its possible that they have been stored under the mattress for another day perhaps. I think the character bloat is a little inevitable given the larger canvas Dan Machi is now working on given the constraints of episode length and narrative structure. I remember a very quick cut in episode 10 or 11 of Freya and Ottarl talking or whatever that made little sense then but that was later paid off when Ottarl and the Freyalings turn up to block the Loki Familia from interfering in episode 12.

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