DanMachi III – 09 – Paying the Price

As reported by Hermes to Ouranos, the expulsion of Ikelos from Orario and the scapegoating of his Familia quelled public uproar for a time, but with Ikelos gone they have turned the blame for the recent destruction on the Little Rookie. Bell isolates himself in his room, upset not about all the scorn he’s receiving, but the fact it affects his Familia and his Goddess.

Hermes visits Casa de Hestia to report that even though Bell is the “city’s most hated person”, both he and Ouranos intend to continue supporting the Xenos. Right now they’re holed up in various locations under Daedalus Street. Finn and Loki’s other Children are combing the area, and Hermes is confident that even if Loki went along with their plan, her Children would never accept the idea of “mercy toward monsters”.

That means Bell is destined to remain persona non grata for the time being. Bell insists on paying a visit to Daedalus Street to experience the hate firsthand, and is almost ashamed that Hestia covers for him by explaining to all in earshot that all he did was to help her with her debt. They cross paths with Ais, who says nothing to Bell—though it’s not like she was ever the talkative type—and Loki, who like fellow trickster god Hermes seems amused by how lively Bell’s foolishness has made things.

And then there’s Syr Flover, who spots Bell in the street and insists on walking with him, fully acknowledging she knows what people are saying about him. Syr (and by extention Freya) doesn’t give a shit what other people say or think; she knows Bell, loves Bell, and will always be there for him. She has him rest his head on her lap as she pets his head, telling him not to worry about others, but to lean on the “true things” that will remain by his side.

As Asfi fills Ryuu and Aisha in on another request involving the protection of Xenos (something they can’t quite wrap their heads around but don’t reject out of hand), Hestia Familia receives word from Fels and has a meeting to determine their course of action. Bell comes right out and tells his family that he’s going to help the Xenos get back to the Dungeon.

The others—even Lili—are all in agreement with him. They’re all in this together. Welf even slaved away in the forge for five days to make four magical swords, to go along with the magical goodies Fels prepares for them. With six doors in and out Knossos and only four Loki guard teams, they definitely have a chance to pull it off, even if they don’t know which doors Loki’s children control.

That said, Loki’s Finn knows Bell is going to be used as a decoy, and urges his comrades, including Ais and Lefiya—Hey Lefiya!—not to hold back against the Xenos…or anyone who helps them. After years of cooperation and mutual respect, the Loki and Hestia Familias will be on opposite sides of a battle.

Author: magicalchurlsukui

Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

3 thoughts on “DanMachi III – 09 – Paying the Price”

  1. Reflecting on Ouranos’ role in this arc. Ouranos pretty much runs things in Orario right? He is THE god that is in charge of things and makes things happen. If he wanted to either save the Xenos or promote their acceptance couldn’t he intervene directly with a decree or whatever and make it happen? Ouranos – why so furtive?

    1. Certainly he runs the Guild, but I’m not sure about the administration of the whole city. Maybe it’s just his nature to remain in the shadows, as much as it’s Ganesha’s nature to be in the spotlight? Ordinary people never see him, which makes him more like a real-world god than Hestia or Hermes.

      Also the show hasn’t been clear about his purview. If he can make something happen without direct intervention, by “using” others, he’ll always take that route…and not necessarily to cover his own ass (though that’s probably part of it).

      He may also be aware of his own limitations. Even if he IS in charge of Orario, much of the population would probably respond to his decrees with something along the lines of “Who the heck is THIS geezer to tell us we’ve been going about this all wrong, all this time?” Some would fall in line, others wouldn’t, factional lines would be drawn, and the peace of Orario would be even further threatened.

      If Orario’s a big game of Jenga, Ouranos seems hesitant to personally remove too many structural pieces.

      1. You are quite possibly right I think. Ouranos’ role in Orario and the Dan Machi world hasnt been made sufficiently clear really. As befits a senior god of the underworld he keeps in the shadows. We know from small hints he was involved in the overthrow/exile and replacement of Zeus and his familia’s pre-eminence in Orario . We have also seen Hermes call on him to allow the release of godly magic in Orario- when Hermes sets up the visual link in the gods’ house for the war game between Apollo and Hestia – So he has some sort of control of that too. He was involved in all the strange stuff in the dungeon in the Sword Oratorio side story too. That’s what I like about the Orario World – there is so much to learn about it and Dan Machi is great at building that world a bit more with each series or arc..

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