Cardcaptor Sakura – 70 (Fin) – The Card of Love

With all of Clow’s cards now converted to Sakura Cards and her tussles with Eriol & Co. at an end, Sakura has little to think about but Syaoran’s unexpected confession. It puts her in a dazed state, and it’s hard to look directly at Syaoran or talk to him normally as before, something you know troubles her.

That said, he does tag along with Sakura and Tomoyo to Eriol’s mansion, which was once Clow Reed’s, after hearing the news that Eriol is moving back to England at once. While the three approach wearily, the only threat to Sakura is the surprise of a party popper upon being welcomed to a tea party held by Eriol, Spinel and Nakuru.

Eriol explains how all the Clow Cards would have eventually lost their magic if their new master didn’t make them her own. So he created “mischief” that enabled her to do just that. Had he told her, she wouldn’t have had the genuine urgency to successfully convert them.

Mizuki Kaho then arrives, having met Eriol while in England. When she learned he was Clow’s reincarnation, she resolved to help him pass the mastery of the cards to Sakura. Clow also tells Yue that while the Clow Reed he loved is gone and won’t be coming back, Yue is free to call him anytime to talk about Clow.

Syaoran gets a call from his mom and reports to her that the Cards are all converted and the threat to Sakura passed, and while we don’t hear the rest of the call it’s clear he’s being summoned back home to Hong Kong. He meets with Sakura after school, but doesn’t tell her he’s leaving. Instead, he expresses how glad he was to meet her, and how he became a better person thanks to her.

While Sakura feels likewise, she’s still not 100% sure what she’s feeling about Syaoran, but before she can say anything he makes a speedy withdrawal. For not waiting to hear Sakura’s answer, Syaoran gets a deserved scolding from Meiling over the phone.

Meanwhile, Sakura plops on the bed, physically fine but emotionally all over the place. She knows Syaoran feels different in her heart from anyone else, but because she’s feeling something she’s never felt before, she can’t describe it, even to herself.

It’s only thanks to Terada-sensei, care of Tomoyo, that Sakura even learns that Syaoran is getting on the 11 AM flight to Hong Kong. She retreats to her room and begins to cry, but her tears create a magic circle and we witness the creation of an all-new Sakura card. We don’t get to see what’s on the front side, but judging from Sakura’s smile I was pretty certain it had something to do with love.

With that, Sakura makes a mad dash to the airport (it would have been cool if she released her wand and flew there) just in time to catch Syaoran. She doesn’t say “I like you too”, but she doesn’t have to, thanks to Mr. Wei, who brought the teddy bear Syaoran left on his dresser.

Both Syaoran and Sakura know what giving the bear to someone means, so Sakura asks for the bear, and Syaoran gladly, tenderly gives it too her. It’s a beautiful, heartwarming ending to an always beautiful and heartwarming series, which is finally at its end.

I’d heard great things about the original Cardcaptor Sakura while watching and writing reviews for Clear Card, and now I can say with certainty that the original is the superior show by a large margin. That’s not to take away from Clear, which was still a lovely show, but this original was just that damn good. It was a particularly welcome salve in these trying times.

I’ll close by suggesting that if you’ve been reading these reviews without revisiting the show and want to be cheered up, head over to Netflix (your streaming service may vary depending on country) and get to (re-)watching—you’ll be glad you did!

Author: magicalchurlsukui

Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

5 thoughts on “Cardcaptor Sakura – 70 (Fin) – The Card of Love”

  1. For a while this was the only ending I knew to Cardcaptor Sakura, as I saw it on TV. It was quite a bit later that I was able to get to watch the second movie for a more solid conclusion in regards to Sakura and Syaoran’s feelings. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please make sure you do, since Clear Card uses some footage of that movie, as well (in Tomoyo’s recordings).

  2. I also highly recommend the Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: The Sealed Card. It is a direct continuation that I believe picks up right after episode 70 (not 100% sure if it is canon or not given the Clear Card Arc), involves the new Sakura Card to an extent, and does indeed have more of a conclusion of Sakura and Syaoran’s (the beginning of) romantic relationship. One of the best endings I have ever seen.

    1. It is canon to the Clear Card Arc anime adaptation. Like I said before, there’s footage of the Movie 2 present in the Clear Card anime, as well as mention of the important card featured in the movie. If we’re talking canon to manga Cardcaptor Sakura, then it is not, as Meiling doesn’t even exist there. At this point the anime has a slightly different continuity than the manga, both in the old season and the new one.

      1. That makes sense Ruicarlov. I was thinking about the amusement park that appears in The Sealed Card. However, I re-watched the Clear Card Arc and it explained that particular issue. I have not read the manga, but am tempted to (surprising to hear Meiling isn’t in it). Also, Magicalchurlsukui, I am guessing you are aware of this, but the Cardcaptor Sakura movies are on Crunchyroll.

    2. I’ll be watching The Sealed Card, both because I’ve heard good things, and of course for completion’s sake. That is, just as soon as I get ahold of a copy, which may not be soon! For now, I shall have to be content with the TV ending, which was lovely!

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