The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED – 02 – Unnatural Police

Whether Katou likes it or not, money and not hard work makes the world go ’round. When he stops to watch a pair of street comics believing they’ll benefit from a real audience, Kanbe simply deposits 10,000 yen and they immediately stop performing and go out drinking. Katou is right that they’d probably continue working if they didn’t get a windfall from Kanbe, but Kanbe is right that their end goal was cold hard cash, so why waste everyone’s time?

Just as it got Kanbe on the force in record time, money makes the wheels of justice turn a little smoother, even if the sound of those wheels doesn’t sit right with Katou. Kanbe got in at the ground floor, but clearly has big plans for his new official position, as he smells drugs on the pair of comics and brings them in for questioning.

An old-fashioned detective manages to get the name of their supplier, but Katou’s AI/AR glasses and deep pockets net the same result. This round may be a tie, but the perps wouldn’t be in her were it not for Kanbe’s (or his AI’s) sensitive nose. The dealer is a male model who is popular with female models from a certain agency.

Katou and Kanbe then engage in some good old-fahsioned stakeout on the dealer, and Kanbe tries (and not surprisingly likes) instant Cup Noodles for the first time. But Katou keeps the stakeout up far longer, and his stink intensifies as the junk in his car propagates. Katou learns with help from his human asset Mita that the model is getting his supply from a yakuza underboss, aided by a gorgeous raven-haired go-between.

Katou follows this go-between…to her and Kanbe’s house, or rather their palace. Turns out she’s Kanbe Suzue, and she’s either Daisuke’s wife or sister (they very closely resemble each other). If he’s James Bond, Suzue is both gadget-master Q and attractive information broker Moneypenny.

Suzue also seems to be a bit less of a stuffed shirt than Daisuke, donning casual work clothes as she works on various machinery in what could only be described as the Kanbe’s Batcave. The bottom line is that again Kanbe has acquired as much if not more intel from the power of his purse than Katou has managed with his vintage gumshoeing.

That doesn’t stop Katou from storming out of Kanbe Manor, reconvening with Mita, and securing a spot at the mob boss’s latest drug and sex party. Things start out fine as he nabs the distracted boss’s smartphone, but he doesn’t make it past the massive bouncer, and has to be saved by the police mascot “Patrol”, whom he assumes is Kanbe but is really Mita, who had been paid by Kanbe to secure the smartphone.

On the rooftop, Daisuke and Suzue arrive via goddamn Apache helicopter and, after purchasing the whole building, proceeds to gas the entire place, using the floor-penetrating missile devised by Suzue. The boss and twenty others are arrested for drug-related charges, as well as suspected in the murder of a model that came up in the beginning of the episode.

That something that felt like a throwaway line at the time grew into an entire season of The Wire (only with a happy ending) speaks to the strength and agility of the storytelling.

Still, Katou still isn’t okay with Kanbe’s methods. Katou feels insulted on behalf of everyone Kanbe pays off to achieve his goals, and yet he can’t argue with the results. Lives were saved, bad guys caught, and justice will be done, and all at the nifty price of US $770 million. All while he got bogged down and almost killed trying to do things his way.

I mentioned The Wire above because it did indeed take an entire season of episodes to achieve what Kanbe did in a matter of days. Katou feels a lot like a sober McNulty before the systems stacked against the Good Guys fully crushed his spirit. He’s good at his job; what one on The Wire would call “Natural Po-lice”.

Meanwhile Kanbe is about as unnatural a po-lice as you can get. But despite coming off as a bit of an asshole, he’s not in this for the money, but to do something good and worthwhile with it. As incompatible a package as Kanbe presents to Katou, the contents are the same. He’s good police too, and they’ll achieve a lot more good by working together.

P.S. The cars in this show are very well-cast so far. Katou drives a staid, reliable Toyota Corolla E160 Axio. Kanbe’s daily driver is a third-gen Bentley Continental GT. The casanova they’re tailing drives a loud bright-red Porsche Cayenne Turbo. And a woman no doubt after sesameacrylic’s heart, Suzue gets around in a slick yellow Alfa Romeo 4C, an appropriate machine for a true gearhead.

P.P.S. Unfortunately, this is the last episode of Millionaire Detective we’ll be getting for a while, as the remaining episodes have been delayed due to you-know-what-19. We’ll miss it, as it had Top-5 potential, and will most definitely pick it back up if and when future episodes air. UPDATE: It is now scheduled to re-air, starting with the first episode, on July 16. Fingers crossed!

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Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

3 thoughts on “The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED – 02 – Unnatural Police”

  1. This series is just so funny, though the relationship between Daisuke and Kato is a bit lop-sided.

    I honestly kind of side with Daisuke a lot this episode. Sure, you don’t want to just use cash for every problem you have. But somehow, in this case, it seems more like Kato is the stubborn, biased one. He’s constantly against the upper class that Daisuke represents, and the only reason he ever seems to give of why he doesn’t like the man, is because of his money.

    I’m sorry, but if you have those kinds of resources and funds and tech at your disposal, you might as well utilize it. Daisuke has an entire batcave at his disposal. You’re a fool to put that kind of tech and equipment to waste.

    Kato is just being stubborn for stubbornness’ sake, and the entire operation would have failed if Daisuke hadn’t been on top of everything from the beginning.

    Also, we meet the unnamed girl from the OP who is Suzue Kambe, is that Daisuke’s sister or his wife?
    She just calls him Daisuke, with no nii-sama or anatta, so I’m not sure.

    But either way, she’s a great sidekick to Daisuke. Got to love a woman who works on cars, fly helicopters, and can use heavy artillery.

    Great episode, though I hope that Kato can compromise a little and at least utilize what Daisuke has to offer. You constantly attacking his financial status will get you nowhere with him.
    Daisuke has some changes he needs to make (even though everything kind of works out for him since he has a pretty good intellect on top of being wealthy) but so does Kato.

    1. I think Daisuke’s backstory plays a really big role in answering some of his unusual behaviour. He did mention at the beginning of episode 1 that life became boring after a certain event and that it all started in Japan. He returned from England for a reason and I am curious to know what brought that on?

      Poor Kato is so utterly confused with what’s going on around him. We do know a little bit about why he got kicked out of 1st Division but I am keen to know where he got his sense of immense justice from. It may also explain why he is very resistant to Daisuke’s unconventional way of solving crime with money.

      As for Suzue, I find her character quite mystifying. The creators were deliberate in skirting around the relationship between her and Daisuke i.e. the ‘No Data’ in the trailer, keeping her name a secret until she was formally introduced, never fully stating whether she is Daisuke’s relative or wife or someone who has just taken on the Kambe identity for unknown reasons (she is mysterious after all). Despite numerous opportunities to tell Kato who she is, the only thing that was said was her name and how she take orders from Daisuke.

      That being said, the physical resemblance between the two could go several ways; she is related, the creators just felt like drawing a character with similar features to Daisuke or her features have been (not permanently) modified (common in espionage type shows) . The latter could explain why they have the same last name and the absence of suffixes or endearment when she was addressing Daisuke. Though if she were an older sister, calling him Daisuke is normal, but that would mean he would have to address her as Onesan (older sister) – except we never got to hear what Daisuke addressed Suzue as. I think this was a deliberate attempt on the creators part to keep the viewers guessing on their true relationship.

      Add the opening scene with the two of them sitting intimately together makes me wonder just what they are trying to explain? I think a lot of viewers are jumping to conclusions about who Suzue is without looking at the scattered clues the creators have been giving throughout the episodes, opening scene, trailer and promotional materials.

      Regardless, the creators are playing the hype card very well by keeping her shrouded in mystery.

      Unfortunately due to the indefinite postponement of the show, us viewers won’t be able to find out until sometime later.

  2. My Anime News Network has announced that Millionaire Detective will go into hiatus following the third episode due to the Corona virus.

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