Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T – 11 – Team Lightning Round

Berserk Mikoto is no longer in control of her body, while her mind is being invaded and manipulated by Kozaku Mitori, using the Exterior ability Kihara Gensei is sharing with her in exchange for protection. Mitori convinces a very confused Mikoto to attack the Windowless Building, but a lightning blast dozens of times stronger than her normal Railgun doesn’t even scratch it. Gensei estimates Mikoto is only about 2% on her way to Level 6.

Mikoto is thus well and truly not in control of her fate. After an entire season of running around trying to fix things, it’s up to external parties to save her—and, incidentally, Academy City itself. Misaki serves as coordinator. She may have lost Exterior but she still has Mental Out, and uses it to convince Antiskill to evacuate the festival civilians and not interfere, lest needless casualties mount.

Thanks to overhearing Xochitl and Ruiko, Touma is now involved as well, and Misaki helpfully uploads all of the information he needs to be brought up to speed. Even so, all she can tell him is that his Imagine Breaker might cancel Mikoto’s Berserk Mode. The problem is, there’s so much electricity and debris surrounding Mikoto, Touma can’t get close enough to touch her and test that theory.

That’s when Sogiita Gunha, our third Level 5 of the episode, makes his reappearance, saving Touma from being pummeled by a giant ball of amassed stone and metal debris by giving it the ol’ Amazing Punch. Since Misaki never gave him a headdump Gunha’s a little slow on the uptake, but Touma’s Imagine Breaker intrigues him, and he’s clearly excited to punch stuff, especially if it’s for a good cause. His ultimate offense and Touma’s ultimate defense makes for an inspired pairing.

Thanks to support from Uiharu and Ruiko, Kuroko manages to pinpoint Kozaku Mitori’s location. Since Mitori is at least Level 4 it’s an even match on paper, but I wouldn’t bet against Kuroko any day. I actually like how Misaki gave her a headdump but didn’t restore all of her memories, perhaps assuming they’d be a distraction. Nevertheless, Kuroko is energized by the fact Mikoto trusted her with Mama’s safety. She’s practically shining in this episode.

Once Gunha learns that Touma needs to get close…too close to Mikoto in order to attempt to dispel her Berserk, he uses his Punches to clear a path and then tosses Touma like a baseball straight at Mikoto. Touma finds and opening and touches her shoulder, but it only exposes a few square inches of her normal skin, and only for a second before the electrified skin closes up. Gunha then catches Touma in a Princess Hold, which is frikking adorable, but it’s clear they’ll have to keep this up quite a bit to put a dent in Mikoto’s stout defense.

We end with Misaki, who networked with all of the allies we saw this week to get them on the same page, stealthily stalking Gensei. Since Kuroko is taking Mitori on, Gensei would seem to be all on his own, but I don’t believe for a second he doesn’t know he’s being followed, and has more traps in place for when Misaki eventually confronts him.

Hopefully by then others will have made progress with their jobs and can back her up. However things unfold, this is one hell of a start to the final skirmish that will takes us to Railgun T’s halfway point. I’m thoroughly invested in every one of the little mini-battles going on at once. How often can you say that about a show?

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3 thoughts on “Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T – 11 – Team Lightning Round”

  1. The insertion of Touma and Gunha to help out brought shonen testosterone levels to peak action levels this episode, though I found Kuroko’s battle with Kozaku to be a more interesting one as they both relatively evenly matched. However Touma’s efforts to reach Misaka contained one highly significant moment (well, significant for an Academy City Universe tragic like me), in that this was the first time Touma’s Imagine Breaker has not had an absolute effect on a magical or esper related phenomena. Throughout all the series he has featured in, Touma’s god-hand has been the one force that restores the world’s equilibrium from the excesses of science and magic. The fact that it only worked for a few seconds is almost shocking (pardon the pun). It could be said that it did work, albeit briefly before continuing esper processes overwhelmed it, but that is not how Imagine Breaker has ever worked in the past. It is (or was) the absolute power that attacks magical and scientific excess at their root cause, dispelling them completely. “What does it all mean then?” I ask myself. At this stage I can only reply “I’ve got no freakin’ idea!”… :D

    1. I thought I recalled Touma having trouble altogether stopping Accelerator’s (or Fiamma’s?) attacks with Imagine Breaker in Index III, though maybe I was mis-remembering. His arm successfully cancels out an attack, but because the attacks were coming continuous and non-contiguous waves, it could only cancel one wave at a time.

      It’s the same deal here with Mikoto’s “electric skin”. It may seem like a solid continuous thing, but it’s really constantly reforming, meaning a touch of Touma’s arm only cancels one “wave” of that skin.

      For this reason I wasn’t particularly shocked (no pun intended!) by it’s ineffectiveness, just deemed it an example of “Touma All By Himself” not being enough to crack this particular case. He’s certainly not in as bad a way as when Fiamma severed his arm!

      And it’s fitting it’s Biribiri who is immune to his normally easy fix. He’ll need help from Gunha, Kuroko, and hopefully many others to save Mikoto.

  2. I also noted that Imagine Breaker wasn’t the checkmate it’s been in that past… That’s a HUGE upending of everything we’ve taken for granted in the Raildex universe. Will they run with it? Simply pretend it didn’t happen?

    “Gensei would seem to be all on his own, but I don’t believe for a second he doesn’t know he’s being followed, and has more traps in place for when Misaki eventually confronts him.”

    Yeah. They’ve made it pretty clear that Misaki is *way* out of her depth here, and that Gensei is several moves ahead. Another problem that shouldn’t be easily resolved.

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