Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld – 09 – Slash & Flash

Getting impatient, Vecta orders his main force of Pugilists and Dark Mages to advance with orders to capture Alice unscathed at all costs. Now that his prey/soul-snack is in sight, it won’t be long before he takes a more active role in the battle.

Another new Integrity Knight in Sheyta Synthesis Twelve volunteers to meet the Pugs and slow them down. Her specialty is impossibly fast slashes from an elegant and flexible épée-like sword skinnier than she is (the Pugs mock her lack of muscle tone on several occasions).

Sheyta has no problem carving up the Pug leader Champion’s forces with brutal efficiency, but Champion himself is literally made of harder stuff, which intrigues her. She draws the battle out longer for two reasons—she’s buying time for Bercouli, Alice, and the others, but once all of her armor has been sheared away and Champ is at full power, she’s actually having fun.

She’s about to finish things when Champ’s lieutenants snatches him away. The match ends in a draw, but put a rare smile on Sheyta’s face. She and Champion gained a mutual warrior respect, the kind of two-sided badass brawl I prefer to simply obliterating the masses of boring evil monsters.

Vecta sends Vassago to harass the Humans’ supply corps, and ends up crossing swords with Ronie (never any luck, that girl). However, she’s able to sound the alarm, and Alice and Bercouli are also there, having anticipated their supplies would be targeted. Even so, Ronie is in big trouble against the far stronger Vassago…until a miracle occurs.

At least, Ronie considers it a miracle, because the God of Creation Stacia appears above her and rends great fissures in the earth that swallow up Vassago and his minions. Stacia, of course, is merely an Underworld avatar being inhabited by our good friend Yuuki Asuna, who makes one hell of a divine entrance that simply gave me goosebumps.

On his way down his own personal size abyss, Vassago recognizes “Lightning Flash” from Knights of the Blood in SAO. The hero(ine) is finally, finally on the scene, in a powerful avatar poised to rescue the damsel-in-distress—in this case Kirito in a welcome inversion of SAO II. I can’t wait to see her fighting beside Alice.

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3 thoughts on “Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld – 09 – Slash & Flash”

  1. When Asuna came down and did that hand effect, the accompanying chorus reminded me of The Tragedy of Loki, where a chorus sang out as Matt Damon kicked the bucket, with Liam Hemsworth mourning over him.

  2. There’s a hidden revelation in Vassago’s recognition of Asuna – he too is an SAO survivor. And I wouldn’t be surprised to learn he’s also a former member of Laughing Coffin… Nor would I be surprised to learn that he’s aware of, if not peripherally involved with, Death Gun.

    Which is Not Good News if he discovers that a defenseless Kirito is potentially within his grasp.

    Is it bad that I hope Kirito stays that way at least for a little bit longer and that Asuna gets her moments in the sun? They’re one king hell of a couple and force to be reckoned with in partnership… But all too often, she doesn’t get the credit she deserves for being Lightning Flash in her own right.

  3. A truly great Asuna entry. One I’ve been so anticipating for so many episodes, yet the timing was just right.

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