Hoshiai no Sora – 02 (Second Impressions)

A sport’a anime’s second episode typically has three goals: introduce each character on the team, demonstrate the protagonist’s value to that team, and explain how the sport works to the viewer. In this regard, Hoshiai no Sora sticks to the script by showing Maki dominate the twenty lap test and rapidly pick pick up the basic tennis swings. And those swings are demonstrated with delicate slow animation. It’s informative, engrossing, high quality fair.

But Stars Align earns another must watch rating because it tackles bullying, homosexuality, child abuse (and how everyone can be oblivious to the warning signs), and the desperate situation an abused spouse must deal with behind the scenes. It tackles each of these points without pretension or being over the top and just wow. This show does not disappoint!

4 thoughts on “Hoshiai no Sora – 02 (Second Impressions)”

  1. Another really strong episode. The interactions between Maki and the gay kid were highlights too. Come to think of it the portrayal of that kid as NOT a mincing threatening caricature is a highlight in itself. I also liked that they have taken the time to give the other tennis club members real personalities rather than the usual cliches.

    So far I have nothing but praise for Stars Align.

    1. Unfortunately our pal Oigakkosan, who was watching and reviewing this show and several others, had to put writing on hold due to scheduling conflicts.

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