Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front – Babylonia – 01 – Humanity’s Last Hope

Six times Master Fujimaru Ritsuka and Demi-Servant Mash Kyrielight have Rayshifted to humanity-threatening singularities throughout history and corrected them. In light of their accomplishments, they have every right to be confident, but it’s clear this isn’t just another day at the office.

The seventh and final singularity is all the way back in 2600 BC, the time of the first king, Gilgamesh, and the beginning of the end of the Gods’ rule over humanity. It’s only fitting that in order to secure the future of civilization, Ritsuka and Mash must return to its cradle.

Employing no small amount of of clinical wizardry, Dr. Romani and da Vinci Rayshift the Ritsuka and Mash to the distant past, but the pair are unexpectedly diverted from their geographic target of the city of Uruk by a bounded field, and instead materialize several thousand feet in mid-air.

Fortunately, Mash has the powers of Sir Galahad at her disposal, and uses a shield to cushion their fall near some ruins. Ritsuka ends up on top of Mash, and lingers there clinging to her just a little longer than she expected, demonstrating at least a modicum of sexual tension between the two.

It’s not long before their presence is detected by numerous demonic beasts in the form of saber-toothed lions, just like a random encounter during a JRPG overworld stroll. Again Mash proves her worth as a Demi-Servant, dispatching the beasts with ease and panache.

But beasts aren’t all the pair attract: a scantily clad woman falls from the sky right on top of Ritsuka, then admonishes him for touching her without her leave. This woman looks a lot like Tohsaka Rin (surely no accident) but when she demonstrates her combat ability, it’s clear that here she plays the role of Archer, though she doesn’t reveal her name to them.

The Archer-esque servant withdraws, quite rightly arguing that if the pair can’t handle a few beasts, they have no chance of saving humanity. The beasts surround Ritsuka and Mash, but they are saved once again, this time by Enkidu, historically Gilgamesh’s BFF and apparently Lancer in this particular scenario.

Enkidu has also been expecting Ritsuka and Mash, and gives them the skinny: the civilization of Mesopotamia is currently on the brink thanks to the Three Goddess Alliance. But he takes the two up a mountain to show them humanity’s hope: the titular Absolute Demonic Front, Babylonia.

Was the Rin-like Archer one of the three goddesses plotting humanity’s destruction? Can Enkidu be trusted? Will Ritsuka and Mash be able to get the job done and get home? All good questions I’ll ponder as I eagerly await the next episode.

Until then, this was a very steady, solid introduction that established most of the main players, and set some very high stakes while remaining grounded and keeping the heroes honest. Cloverworks’ work here is no ufotable, but it’s nonetheless very good.

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Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

6 thoughts on “Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front – Babylonia – 01 – Humanity’s Last Hope”

  1. Arguably the biggest issue with Babylonia for new viewers is the fact that it adapts only the second to the last stage of the Fate Grand Order game. This means that all the prior character development that Fujimaru and Mash had in the previous stages are not shown. Most notable is the reveal that Galahad is the servant that gives Mash her powers, which in the game is a major plot point.

    Still, Cloverworks did a nice work introducing the characters to the audience. It is also already a nice step up from the First Order OVA some years back, which was just an animated version of the game’s opening scene.

    I would also suggest you check out Episode 0: Initium Iter released a few months back as it serves as a prequel to this and oddly oddly enough a recap episode of sorts for a hypothetical full FGO anime. It fleshes out Mash’s, and Roman’s backstories and characterizations more.

    1. So true. I really wish the powers that be in Japan had done TV series for all of the Singularities. Instead, we get a TV special for the first one, some sort of prelude for the Second Singularity (I think), a movie for the Sixth, and this series for the Seventh.

      It is also already a nice step up from the First Order OVA some years back, which was just an animated version of the game’s opening scene.

      There was a TV special done for First Order, which did cover the entire First Singularity. The problem was that they jammed the entire thing into 70+ minutes. Had they done it as a proper TV series, it could have been quite good.

      1. Definitely some odd choices that make a relative Fate tourist even more confused, but now that I’m on the same page, I’m looking forward to seeing Mash and Ritsuka in humanity-savin’ action. I guess it’s just one of those things where you won’t get 100% out of it unless you have the added context of having played the complete FGO game, which is fine.

        It sounds like a full and proper adaptation would span hundreds of episodes.

      2. It sounds like a full and proper adaptation would span hundreds of episodes.

        Yeah, it would have. But this is a Fate title, so it would have done well in my opinion.

    2. Don’t you mean Mash and Roman maybe (who does open up to Da Vinci after London at last). Fujimaru doesn’t have any character development, it’s a silent, blank avatar without even a backstory.

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