HenSuki – 11 – A Matter of Math

This week’s HenSuki is a pool episode, but the pool trip is only a means with which Keiki intends to expose and confront Cinderella once and for all. And hey, if he gets to see the girls in swimsuits, including one he brought for Mizuha (since the trip is a total surprise for her), that’s just a bonus as far as he’s concerned.

Sayuki and Yuika, whom he’s ruled out as the culprit, get up to their usual antics in fighting over him, while Mao keeps her tsundere schtick going when she gets him to herself. Amidst all the liveliness Mizuha is somewhat shuffled to the side, but Keiki tracks her down and carries her when she gets a cramp, like he used to do when they were both smaller (and about the same size).

When Koharu enlists the girls to participate in a girl confession competition with the audience as the judge, all four girls score 92 or higher, with Mizuha breaking the equipment with her very heartfelt confession of love for her brother.

All of these clues involving Mizuha add up to the revelation in the waiting area that she is Cinderella. Keiki arranged things so that she wouldn’t have a change of underwear except the pair that accompanied the love letter, which she reclaimed and kept in her bag at all times. Koharu’s photo also proves she was where Cinderella would have to be at the time the love letter was planet.

Mizuha accepts that she’s been caught, and appreciates that Keiki went so far to find out it was her, as it meant he had to obsess over her for the duration. That’s because she really is in love with him, and it’s not sibling love. When Keiki tells her he’s flattered but he’s not okay with a brother and sister having romantic feelings, she drops a bombshell: they’re not related by blood.

While it’s still somewhat dubious Keiki would be okay with suddenly regarding a girl he’d always treated like a sister (by blood or not) romantically, I’m more shocked that after all these years he never considered it odd that the two of them were only five months apart in age. Seems like a pretty big oversight!

With the central mystery solved and just one episode to go, Keiki has a choice to make: accept Mizuha’s feelings and adjust their relationship accordingly, or reject her and either choose one of the others or choose nobody. Decision time!

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Zane Kalish is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

3 thoughts on “HenSuki – 11 – A Matter of Math”

  1. This was a disappointing shark jumping Hensuki episode I thought. The whole conclusion to the mystery and it’s cliched solution spoiled an otherwise good series. Too bad.

    1. To borrow terms from Lord El-Melloi II, the howdunit is fine (all other girls eliminated, clues fit Mizuha), but the whydunit (imouto both we and MC thought was his imouto suddenly isn’t his imouto)…err, notsomuch!

      Still, the show is to be commended for being stickwithable for so long, to the point there’s no way I’ll skip the last episode. We’ll see where things land.

      I maintain that Mao would be Keiki’s best choice.

      1. I tend to agree with that ship. Mao is.. errr… the least alternate of his possible choices. Though I also thought Ayano the student council VP wouldn’t have been a bad choice for him either…Then again given he never realized that his imouto wasn’t his imouto, would either of them want boyfriend that dense?

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