Cop Craft – 08 – Meow What?!

After a really heartfelt and powerful episode in which Tilarna made and then promptly lost a friend, Cop Craft takes a week off—to be charitable—with an episode that’s little more than a vehicle for showing as much Tilarna fanservice as possible.

After Tilarna fells a small prop plane, scoring them a crate full of junk that vaguely smells of latena, Kei uses the bath first, then leaves Tilly to analyze the trinkets on her own, with only Kuroi to keep her company.

Kuroi gets a little crazy and starts running around, Tilarna gets stuck by a tiny crossbow bolt, and she and the cat switch bodies. Kei doesn’t pick up on this, only that Tilarna must be sick or something since he wakes up with her in his bed, scantily clad, and about to rub her face against his when the cat—actually Tilarna—comes between them. Kei lets who he thinks is Tilarna to sleep in, but he’s got shit to do, so heads off.

Tilarna manages to text Cecil, who arrives to find a huge mess, Tilarna missing pants, and a cat nodding and texting her. The crossbow just happened to slide into a trash can, and Kei is fastidious enough to take out said trash, so Cecil and Tilarna have to chase it down, but not before Tilkuroi tackles Cecil and knocks her out, further slowing them down.

Meanwhile Kei, seeking O’Neill, walks in on the aftermath of an epic party involving prostitutes, a goat, and habanero sauce, but which is neither here nor there. Honestly, this entire episode felt like it was on hallucinogens and a sedative that ground every action to a halt in an effort to make this a two-parter for some reason. That’s what’s most frustrating: shows can have the odd bad week, but this tomfoolery isn’t even over yet…

Author: magicalchurlsukui

Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

2 thoughts on “Cop Craft – 08 – Meow What?!”

  1. I thought this episode was pretty funny myself. It had some minor fan service but I thought the humor of Tilarna’s various reactions at being in the body of Kuroi was the point of the episode. I liked Kei’s reactions to the post-party carnage too. Having seen the aftermath of of one or two parties in my time, I could relate hehe. I didn’t see this episode as a major stumble, but more as an unexpected and entertaining change of mood for a bit.

    1. It was funny for me too…at first. The occasional silly episode is fine. But it dragged in the middle and end, and Tilarna is still a cat. Compared to how rushed her more dramatic story with Zoey was, that’s hard to excuse.

      If the body-swapping had been resolved within this episode, it probably gets a 7. But it looks like there’s more goofiness in store before that happens.

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